A Cross-Country Move in the Middle of a Pandemic | California to Missouri


From California to Missouri, we had our sights set high. We packed up what was left of our belongings, played the most expert level of adult Tetris possible with our Pods container, and said “see ya later” to California. Who moves across the country in a pandemic?! Apparently, it’s a hot trend this year according to all the moving companies. We jumped right on that bandwagon and haven’t looked back.


Four days, five states later, here we are in beautiful Missouri. Each state required face coverings in public areas, no sit-down dining for us. I got my state sign photos across every border. And I made sure to set foot on the ground of each place we stopped. 



We had a blast with family for a weekend in the desert heat of Arizona. A quick pitstop for lunch in sunny New Mexico on our way to a very windy evening at the top of Texas. From Texas to a lunch stop in Oaklahoma, to reunite at dinnertime with California friends in their new Kansas home. Our final morning of driving brought us almost all the way across Missouri to a little town outside of St. Louis. The leaves on the trees were bright oranges and reds. The weather that day was warm. It was like a happy little welcome party as we pulled into the driveway to unload what little we could bring with us.

Our first family selfie in Wentzville, Missouri
Our first family selfie with the Wentzville tower behind us.


Our neighbors have welcomed us with open arms and offered us anything we might need. We spent a good week faux camping on air mattresses and eating our meals on the floor, watching our kiddo run up and down the street, making new friends, and playing all day. We got to tour her new school and shop for school supplies in a very clean big box store. But the sweet relief of having our belongings finally delivered – after a day delay, of course, was the best feeling. 


We have been residents for a little over one month now, and we are still receiving the warmest of welcomes from new friends, neighbors, total strangers, and everyone in between. Kindness is definitely a common theme in our little town. But I have no doubt that it is much more widespread than just in our area. In times like these, when we could all use a little extra reason to smile, the kindness and generosity from strangers to us new transplants have made us feel more at home in unfamiliar surroundings. And I couldn’t be more thrilled that our daughter has adjusted to everything beautifully.


The first time I filled up my tank in Missouri, I almost jumped for joy at the pump! The low gas prices alone can make a girl appreciate life in the Midwest. It may be silly, but the simple price comparisons at the grocery store spark a little burst of happiness in me every time I pile groceries into my cart. The epitome of “adulting,” am I right??


My husband and I both have our Missouri driver’s licenses. Our family pictures are hung on the walls. My home office is all set up and operational. Soon we will be putting up our Christmas tree and more lights all around the house. It all feels very official, and we are here to stay!


Our next to-do is to get out and explore. So far, we have seen the Mid Rivers Mall, I had a lovely coffee date at the Streets of St. Charles, and I drove through a very cute new neighborhood in O’Fallon to pick up a chair. Help us out! Where should we go? What are your favorite spots to visit? What places are the best for families? Or date nights?


Share your fave Missouri spots in the comments. Send me a message just to say Hello!


Let’s meet for coffee (or wine!). I can’t wait to get to know you. 😉