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Tag: Self love

I Stopped Loving Myself (and Ways You Can Learn From Me)

Have you ever looked at a mirror but somehow avoided your reflection? I did that for a while. I would find myself making sure...

5 Ways to Learn (and Re-Learn) to Love Your Body

There is no magic number on the scale, no perfect amount of lean mass to fat ratio, no perfect dress size that means you...

The Postpartum Rules for Not Totally Hating Your Fourth Trimester

This is my second postpartum period, and this time I’m committed to doing it differently. With my first babe, I was determined to bounce...

Please Don’t Judge Me When I Look Good

 I grew up in a family mostly made up of women. There were all kinds and conditions of women: married, widowed, divorced and forever...

Embracing Gray. Embracing Myself.

Let me introduce myself.  I’m “the girl with the gray hair”. That's it. That is how usually people refer to me. I'm 41 years old...