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Because Now I Have Kids

I never wanted Botox, I didn’t understand why some women’s bellies were so soft where their jeans hit, And going to bed before 10 felt sacrilegious.   My...

Managing a Chronic Illness: What It Feels Like Parenting With Limits

I had a healthy pregnancy and recovery. But something happened when my daughter turned two and weaned. My body began to rebel and malfunction....

I Googled Complicated Mom And This is What I Found

I’m typing this while my twins chatter, fighting the (second) nap they desperately protested to get back last week. There were buckets of tears,...

Mama Doesn’t Need More Friends. She Needs Villagers!

As I grow in marriage, motherhood and life in general, I’m learning that the best relationships are symbiotic. Let me confess: I just don’t...

Being “Stepmom”

Stepmoms, raise your hand! ?? Y'all, being a mom is hard...like, really really hard. Being a stepmom, well, that's a whole new level of hard!...

True Success is Earned – Lessons from the College Cheating Scandal

It seems almost comically scripted that a Desperate Housewife finds herself caught up in a college cheating scandal. I can see the storyline unfold...

“Hey Google, Please?”: Manners and Robots

This morning, my 2-year-old son was frustrated as he tried to get our Google Home Mini to play "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse." He has successfully...

To the Parent Doing it All This Father’s Day

Growing up, there was never a year I didn’t give my dad a Father's Day card. When I was really little, I’d make it...