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Tag: mental health

Suicide Prevention: Moms Struggling to See the Next Moment

Suicide Prevention Day is observed on September 10.  Awareness is the first step toward prevention. Moms, you are not alone!   A couple of years...

Pandemic Grief – Do You Feel it, Too?

Grief has a way of rushing in when you least expect it. It’s ugly. It’s painful. It’s universal. Grief is an all-inclusive journey that...

Dear Mom, You are Enough: A Letter From Your Child

As moms, we are often our own worst critics. But do our children view us this way? "Flip the switch" for a front-row view...

A Balancing Act: When Physical and Mental Health are at Odds

The COVID-19 balancing act between physical and mental health is a challenge for moms to maintain, especially when there are no clear answers. Please tell...

Building an Emergency Self-Care Plan for the Bad Days

First of all, I want to let you know that I am not a mental health professional. I did, however, make a self-care plan...

Black and Exhausted: I Don’t Have Words For This

“Ugh! Not another commentary about race!” you might be thinking. This is not that. Let me put my mom hat down for a moment and speak...

Finding Contentment in the Confinement of COVID-19

Confinement isn't always limiting. Sometimes, it is within the limitations that possibilities emerge. As we all wade through these uncharted waters of life, feelings of...

We Are In this Together | A Quarantined Mom’s Testimony

During this unprecedented pandemic, creating structure at times, while forgiving a lack of structure at other times, will help us strike a balance and...

Tell It Like It Is: Six Phrases for Holiday Boundary Setting

Hi, my name is Stephanie and sometimes I do too much! It’s been about two weeks since my last people-pleasing moment. I’m that girl –...