You Look Tired: How (Not) to Talk to Your Pregnant Friend


When a woman is pregnant, she has a lot going on with her body. She is growing a human. She is growing bigger every day. Simply getting out of bed or a chair is hard to do because of the giant belly she’s carrying around. Now mix all of those physical changes with her hormones. Coming from a woman on her third pregnancy, the hormones are not something you can control. Emotions are all over the place. So, in order to keep yourself safe, you should chose your words wisely. Here are some things that have been said to me or my friends when they were pregnant and some alternatives in case you need some help talking to your pregnant friends. 

  1. Don’t Say: You look tired.
    Say: Can I take your kids this afternoon so you can have a nap?
  2. Don’t Say: Do you really need that doughnut?
    Say: Would you like this box of leftover doughnuts?
  3. Don’t Say: You know what causes that?
    Say: You make adorable babies! Can’t wait to meet this one!
  4. Don’t Say: How much time do you have left? Followed By: Wow, you look like you could go any day.
    Say: How much time do you have left? Followed By: I’m sure you will have a smooth delivery!
  5. Don’t Say: No Baby Yet? (Maybe you should get your eyes checked.)
    Say: Is there anything you need? I know it’s getting close to time!
  6. Don’t Say: Sure you don’t have two in there?
    Say: Have a doughnut! You’re eating for two!

Hopefully these alternative phrases will help you from getting throat punched by a pregnant woman.