My New Purpose Emerged on an Ordinary Day : A Journey to Motherhood



There was a day in my life when a new purpose emerged.

The sun shone the same as the day before, and people rushed on the streets as they always do. There was another turn of the clock, and one more moonlight ceased the day. Just another ordinary day for the world, an extraordinary one for me.


A black and white photo of a mom kissing her newborn baby immediately after he is born, symbolizing that when this woman became a mom, a new purpose emerged


My body changed and faced pain in the most overwhelming and rewarding way.

My hips enlarged to accommodate life. My womb was cut to bring light to life. My breasts started abruptly collecting milk to feed life. My body was not the one I was used to; it was stronger and more beautiful than ever before.

My mind was blown by the biggest fear and love of all.

I felt disconnected from the world outside, and unsure about every lesson I had learned, every book I had read, and every mile I had walked till that day. And, simultaneously, I felt an inner power arising and leading every action I took. I was scared, but I was not fragile. I wasn’t confident, but I was powerful.

My social-self got a unique but lovely refurbishment.

My name temporarily left my identity. The same time I felt unseen, I knew my face was full of  pride, my eyes would seek the slightest movement, and my voice would answer the quietest grunt.

This was the day when I first saw my heart on the outside, and I realized that I would hardly get it back.  

This was the day my tears were filled with joy, but I also understood that my cry would never sound loud again.

This was the day my smile meant peace, and my lap turned into home.

This was the day I was introduced to a new me, and I had to rebuild all my emotions.  

Nothing in my life would ever be the same.  

The love. The strength. The beauty. My incomparable, precious, and irreplaceable new life.

This was the day in my life [every one of the three] I became a mother.


Thank you, my children.

Forever yours,