I Found Out My Baby’s Gender At Eight Weeks! (And You Can Too with Heartland Healthcare) 


Determine your baby’s gender earlier!

This post is sponsored by Heartland Women’s Healthcare. 

Heartland Women's Healthcare logo with a picture of a woman covering her face at a gender reveal party as pink smoke swirls around her revealing her baby's gender


With my first pregnancy, my husband and I learned that we were having a boy during a regular 20-week ultrasound. But as it is for so many moms, lots of things were different for my second pregnancy! 

This time, my husband and I have to prepare for our new baby while caring for a toddler. Shopping for the necessities and decorating the nursery are a little bit more complicated with a little one who wants to help. Luckily, we were able to learn our new baby’s gender three months sooner with the help of SneakPeek! 

SneakPeek is a new and innovative technology that detects fetal DNA in the mother’s bloodstream to determine the gender of the baby rapidly and accurately. After a simple, non-invasive blood test, I got my SneakPeek results in only 48 hours – we are expecting a baby girl! With this wonderful news, my husband and I were able to begin preparing much sooner than if we had waited for the 20-week ultrasound – it was a huge relief. The cool thing is if you want to be surprised with your results at a gender reveal party, you can have them securely sent to a loved one. 

Heartland Women’s Healthcare, where I work and get Ob-Gyn care, is the only Ob-Gyn practice offering this service in the Missouri and Southern Illinois communities we serve. Any mom in the area can get a SneakPeek test with us, not just current patients! For me, this was a gamechanger, and I’m so glad we were able to start welcoming our daughter to the family sooner.   

A toddler boy sitting on wet sand with the words, "It's A" spelled out, as they reveal their new baby's genderSince the beginning, my son has been saying that he was going to have a sister – SneakPeek confirmed his sibling intuition!

If you want to get a sneak peek at your baby’s gender, contact Heartland Women’s Healthcare at usobgyn.com/early-gender-test or 1-844-USAOBGYN (872-6249).
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