Free Photo Editing for Families Welcoming New Babies during COVID-19


For moms welcoming a new baby under restrictions from COVID-19, having access to free photo editing of their adoption, delivery, or newborn photos is an unexpected blessing.


Social distancing restrictions during the Coronavirus pandemic have completely halted families’ opportunity to document the arrival of their newborns professionally. Services that have become increasingly popular in recent years, like “Fresh 48” sessions at the hospital and newborn family lifestyle portraits at home, can no longer take place. And with relatives and family members eager to “meet” the newest family member from a distance, parents must rely on the amateur photos they take themselves.

So one professional photographer decided to change that.

In early March 2020, Laura Foote started the Labor in the Time of Corona Project to help families preserve their memories, while visitors and relatives must watch from afar. She assembled a team of nine professional volunteer photographers to edit families’ photos, removing the stress of trying to document (and survive) the newborn season during a world health crisis. For free.

Identical side-by-side photos of a newborn baby, one with free photo editing added to enhance the photo
Labor in the Time of Corona Project Offering Free photo editing to families delivering babies during COVID-19

To Laura, one thing was abundantly clear: new parents should not have to sacrifice beautiful photos of their newborns mid-pandemic.

Looking for a way to serve others during this unprecedented time, she began the Labor in the Time of Corona project. Since its inception at the beginning of March, The Labor in the Time of Corona editing team has delivered over 8,000 images to families welcoming newborns during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you or someone you know has welcomed a new baby during the Coronavirus pandemic, you need to know about the photography initiative changing the way families document the birth of their little ones.

How does the Labor in the Time of Corona Project work:

Nine professional photographers (who also happen to be mamas) have stepped up from around the country to provide a complimentary photo editing service to families who have welcomed new babies during the coronavirus pandemic.

Who is this for?

Families who have welcomed a new baby during the Covid-19 pandemic (March – June or until hospital visitor restrictions are lifted) may submit their own photos to be professionally edited. Any maternity, adoption, labor and delivery, or newborn photos will be accepted.

What do you get?

Within ten days upon submission, you’ll receive a gallery of your ten professionally edited images. Just as if you had these photos taken by a professional photographer, you’ll have access to a premium service to print your photos professionally.

Labor in the Time of Corona Project Offering Free photo editing to families delivering babies during COVID-19

Where do you submit?

Collect the 10 photos you’d like to be professionally edited, then fill out this form (google log-in is required). Any maternity, birth, or newborn photos are welcome for submission.

Why did the project start:

In March 2020, as a mama-to-be and professional photographer, Laura Foote, prepared for the birth of her second baby, realized families around the world wouldn’t have the opportunity to have professional photographers capture their most precious moments.

Recognizing families still desired beautiful photos of their newborns, Laura started the Labor in the Time of Corona Project to provide families with complimentary editing of their photos (even iPhone images).


What’s the catch?

No catch! The Labor in the Time of Corona Team is sharing their time and talents with mothers around the world who have given birth or welcomed a new baby to their family in a time of crisis. Should you feel compelled to give, families are encouraged to donate to the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation, a non-profit organization providing professional remembrance photography for families facing infant loss. Laura Foote, the lead photographer of the Labor in the Time of Corona Team, serves as a volunteer photographer for NILMDTS Foundation. A portion of all donations will support the service-provided at no charge to families-facing immeasurable loss. 

Nearly any photo can be edited by the Labor in the Time of Corona team to look like it was taken professionally. The team has compiled the top three tips to capture better photos on your own if you need a few photography pointers.

How to take better photos with your phone:

  1. Use natural light to your advantage. Take photos near a window out of direct sunlight with the overhead lights turned off (even if it seems dark!).
  2. Opt for solid backgrounds. White comforters, baby blankets, and throws work best. Neutral tones and colors work well too. Move cups, cords 
  3. Wipe the lens before every picture. Nothing’s worse than taking a photo only to discover, hours later, its blurry thanks to a smudge on the lens. Our phones are frequently in contact with the oils on our hands (or our kids), bounce around in pockets and purses, and gather dust and debris. Get in the habit of wiping your camera lens before every picture to prevent this dreaded faux pas.Submit your photos here.
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