C-section Recovery Must-Haves


Help your C-section recovery go smoother with these tips!


Harrison: 10/13/2017


October 13, 2017.


My first pregnancy. I had a normal labor. Quick. I took the epidural as soon as I could. Started pushing. Then. Everything went downhill. After three hours of pushing, they decided my son’s melon was too big.


Physically, mentally, and emotionally … I wasn’t prepared for a C-section. The constant pain. The pain of a simple movement. The pain to change a diaper. The pain to get off the couch. The pain to lay in bed. And girl, don’t sneeze or laugh because that’s some more pain. The fear of something ripping. The fear of an infection.


Five weeks.


It took about five weeks to feel “normal.” Normal enough to do simple tasks around the house. Normal enough to shave my own legs. Normal enough to wear legit clothes. Normal enough to get up off the couch like a regular person. Normal enough to climb up and sleep in my super high bed again.


Fast forward four years.


Now, I’m in my second pregnancy, prepping for another C-section, but with a spinal tap. (My last C-section had some… complications.)


Now. I’m physically prepared. I’m still working on the mental and emotional parts!


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Items that Helped Me Recover from a C-Section


1. Belly Band
This kept my insides feeling secure- dead serious. 


a backrest pillow

2. Wedge Pillow
Remember getting up off the couch was painful? This pillow made getting up off the couch a little bit easier and less painful.


3. Tylenol
Take all the Tylenol. 


4. Mesh Underwear
I wore these at the hospital with my first baby. This time, I bought a few to have on hand at home. They are the best to recover in, especially in the beginning after your C-section.


5. (Stretchy) High Waist Underwear
Once you’ve graduated from the mesh underwear, high waist underwear is best. The elastic band won’t rub and irritate your scar. Note: I did order a size bigger than I would typically wear to give myself room and comfort.


6. Variety of pads
Everyone is different during recovery, but it never hurts to have super to thin on hand.


7. Ice Packs
The hospital will provide these for you during your stay. However, these long ice packs are perfect to have along your scar. Plus, they come with washable covers.


8. (Homemade) Aloe Vera Ice Packs 
I saw this trick on Pinterest and wish I saw it sooner the first time! Take a snack-size bag, fill it with gel, freeze, and then put on your scar. Relief like an ice pack, but soothing!! Note: you can buy legit Aloe Vera gel or take the cheaper route and get the soother sun gel. 


9. Peri Bottle
Again, the hospital will provide a bottle for you, and you can take it home. However, the angle of this bottle is perfect when recovering from a C-section. You don’t realize how many muscles you use to do simple tasks! 


10. Gauze
It doesn’t hurt to have extra gauze on hand due to any potential bleeding during the recovery. 


11. Now, I also purchased a few items just in case I don’t have a C-section: Tucks mediated Cooling Pads and Witch Hazel.


12. Freezer Meals
I prepped a few weeks worth of freezer meals, thanks to Pinterest. Ideal for my husband, who can only grill and make frozen pizzas! 


13. Snuggle
Take it easy. Let the significant other or family or friends clean the house, do laundry, and make meals. Enjoy the baby snuggles. 


Recovery Basket


What are some items or tips that helped you recover?