10 Essential Items that Helped Me Enjoy Pregnancy


Take note of these essential items to ease your way through pregnancy!





When I was expecting my son, I went through an endless process of trial and error, online research, and advice from family and friends to figure out how to alleviate symptoms, find clothes that fit, and manage the stress that comes with growing a human inside your body. I am expecting my second child this fall, and this time around, I find myself much more confident in the arsenal of items I’ve discovered that work for me to help make pregnancy not only tolerable but an enjoyable and special time in my life. Here are some of my tried and tested items and resources I’ve used. I hope you find them helpful on your own pregnancy journey!




I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of most maternity clothes. They never fit right and there often isn’t the array of choices or quality that I’m used to when shopping regularly. I try to buy as few maternity-specific items as I can and work with what I have in my closet, supplementing with staples. 


  • Leggings: The most versatile item that can be used in so. many. ways. While I can get by with wearing my regular leggings for a while, I invested in a maternity-specific pair from Girlfriend Collective that I’ve used endlessly. They are soft but feel supportive. They’ve taken me from workouts, to the playground, and many more occasions in between. 
  • Bike Shorts: This is an item I didn’t know I needed until I discovered what it was like to be pregnant in St. Louis during the summer. When it’s too hot for leggings, I reach for these, also from Girlfriend Collective. Late in my pregnancy, I’ve found that wearing them under dresses also makes me feel more supported.
  • Oversized Button-Down Shirts: This oversized button-down from my favorite local shop, Descendant, elevates even the most casual outfits. I wear it alone with maternity jeans, as a swimsuit cover-up, or as a light jacket with leggings. Since it’s not a maternity-specific piece, I can wear it well beyond my pregnancy. I loved it so much that I have it in both black and white. 
  • Bella Band: This item extends the life of my existing wardrobe by months. Denim is a big part of my wardrobe, and this Bella Band allows you to wear your jeans that won’t zip or button anymore as your pregnancy progresses. While maternity jeans were necessary for me at some point (I invested in a couple of pairs from Madewell that I’ve used during both of my pregnancies), this inexpensive band helped me feel more like myself for longer.




Self Care


Pregnancy brings on a whole host of side effects that I wasn’t prepared for the first time around. These items helped me stay hydrated, get that pregnancy glow, and get some much-needed rest. 


  • Belly Butter: I slather this belly butter from local maker Butter Love by L.C. on my bump every night. It keeps tight skin hydrated and uses clean, organic ingredients.
  • Facial Oil: My skin gets both dry and acne prone during pregnancy. This Rosehip and Citrus Facial Oil from local shop Lark Skin Co. addresses both of those concerns and contains ingredients that are safe for baby. 
  • Tracking Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is always important, but even more so during pregnancy. I’m terrible about drinking during the day and have found this Mama Bottle by Bink, found locally at Honeycomb, to be so helpful in keeping me on track hydration-wise. The bottle shows you the recommended amount of water for pregnant people in a beautiful glass bottle that comes in an array of colors. 
  • Pregnancy Pillow: While I originally scoffed at the idea of a pregnancy pillow, I quickly learned that it was an essential item for me to get some much-needed rest while my body was changing. I’ve used the Boppy Pregnancy Pillow during both of my pregnancies, but there are so many different models out there, it’s important to find the one that works for you!




There are so many books, workouts, and resources out there to assist with the transition of becoming a mother. These are two resources I wish I had known about during my first pregnancy!


  • Postpartum Book: I only read one book during my second pregnancy, The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother. While preparing for the arrival of the baby is important, so is preparing yourself for the postpartum period. This book gave me some ideas on how to prepare myself, my partner, and my “village” for that special time.
  • Pregnancy Safe Workouts: Working out during pregnancy can be very tricky. You’re tired, feeling sick, and aren’t quite sure what’s safe or effective for your body during this stage. Enter Materra Method! I started taking Materra Method classes during the postpartum period with my son and have continued taking classes ever since. Founder Abby Erker is a pre and postnatal fitness expert, so every Materra Method class is designed for mothers in all stages. Her effective leveled workouts have helped me so much. I feel less aches and pain and feel more prepared for labor and delivery. In addition to in-person classes, Materra Method Online has been invaluable to me as a mom. I can squeeze in workouts at home when it works for me!



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