Yummy Easy Taco Bake


As a full-time stay at home mom, I’m often looking for recipes that are easy and of course kid-friendly. Being that I am African American and Mexican and my hubby is Mexican, I like to incorporate cultural dishes in my weekly meal planning. I thought, how can I make a yummy Mexican-inspired meal without all the hard labor? The Lord knows all the details that go into making a Mexican dish are amazing, but to be honest, I don’t often have the time to put all the hard work into a meal. So a Taco Bake it is! 

This recipe is EASY  and makes one large-size casserole dish and my family and I eat this for dinner for a few days. ENJOY! 


1 lb of ground meat (you can even do ground chicken or turkey) 

1 can pinto beans or black beans

2 bell peppers

2 bags of grated cheese 

1 bag of spinach 

2 cups of brown rice 

chopped cilantro for garnish 

1 lime 

1 jar of enchilada sauce 


Cook your ground meat of choice, add beans, cooked rice and bell peppers. Stir all ingredients together in a big bowl. Add enchilada sauce and some chopped cilantro. Layer your casserole dish with cheese, spinach, taco bake mixture and repeat until all mixture is gone. Top with cheese and bake at 375 degrees for 15 min and serve. Add a squeeze of lime and cilantro as a garnish. 





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