Yesterday, I Was A Bad Mom.


Image result for bad momsI will keep this article short and sweet. Yesterday, I was a bad mom (and not like the funny ones in the movie “Bad Moms”). This past week was hard. Traveling, solo parenting (while spouse was traveling), after school activities, weddings, rehearsals, and life. It was busy, timing was tough because things were nonstop. Did I mention that my 4 year old consistently didn’t sleep (poor boy with his allergies!) and my almost 3 year old woke up every morning around the 5 o’clock hour?

I was exhausted, on edge and I was a bad mom. I had a conference to attend last week. Which meant, get dressed up and get 2 kids out of the house and to school earlier than usual. This was also the morning that my 3 year old only wanted his dad to get him dressed (his dad who was traveling for work in a different country…so…not possible). In a frenzy, I quickly got my other son ready and tried to reason with my younger. It didn’t work. So I yelled. Loud. Scolded him. Loud.

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Tears streamed down his face and I made no progress. Finally, my nurturing mom side kicked in and I hugged him…it worked.

I got the boys to school on time and also got to my conference on time. All was good in the world.

When I got home from work that night, I couldn’t help but think about the crazy morning of yelling and tears. I felt awful. What good is screaming at a 3 year old going to do? I called my mom and told her about my “bad mom moment” as I held back my own tears. Her response, “we all have rough days, tomorrow is a new one…he isn’t going to need therapy for this…just try to handle things differently next time”.

She was right. Everyone was going to be okay. I might have had a bad mom moment but don’t we all?

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I didn’t realize that “being a bad mom” was such a common thing. Later that week, I was talking to my bestie about my failed mom moment and she said “OMG I have done that too!” and then she encouraged me to write about it and put it in the world. We all have bad days.

We all yell at our kids, we are on our phones too much one day, or we completely forget about a “show and share day” at school (Literally happened this morning…so I gave him my keychain to share. #improvise). IT IS FINE. Tomorrow is a new day, yell less, love more, and forgive yourself. You are a GREAT MOM.

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