When Self Care Doesn’t Look Like A Trip To The Spa…


I certainly wish my budget and calendar allowed for trips to the spa on a periodic basis, but it just doesn’t. I often times think when we hear the word ‘self-care’ we jump to massages, manicures, and pedicures, but what do we do when those things just aren’t feasible for our self-care routine? These are 3 simple things that I have learned to incorporate into my own routine:

Tea lights in the shower. I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous, but don’t knock it until you try it. Now, the important thing to note is to wait until all of your tiny humans are in bed for this. Otherwise, if your kids are like mine they will come into the bathroom 10,000 times and open the shower curtain, ask you ridiculous questions, and ask for you to intervene in a sibling fight. (Um, no. I’m in the shower. Soaking wet. Figure it out yourself.) So, buy yourself some tea lights. Light as many as your heart delights, put them all around the bathroom, and turn off the big light. Then, just stand under the hot water and breath. As moms, our brains are thinking about so many things at one time all freaking day long that they never seem to get a second to just slow down. Give your body and mind time. (I also recommend deep breathing in places other than a mood lite shower).

Sheet masks. They are all over the place now and for me they are worth the $2-3 for a treat to myself each week. Once again, this is to be done after the tiny humans are asleep. I have learned the hard way. For me, I ritualistically do them on Sunday nights as a reward for surviving the weekend. Two full days with kids is just a lot sometimes. These mean more to me than just an at home spa treatment. It is a reminder to myself that my body deserves to be cared for. We spend so much time taking care of our little peoples bodies that I something think we forget about our own. For instance, I take the time to put lotion on my little guys each night before jammies, but how often do I take the time to do that for myself? Rarely.

Sitting down at the table to eat. This can be challenging. How many times have you prepared a meal for all of the other humans in your household to eat and by the time you are finally ready to sit down everyone else is finished? It seems that I am being constantly asked for more water, more ketchup, an extra napkin, and god knows what else that I am never actually enjoying the meal that I have taken the time to cook. There have been countless times where everyone has gotten up from the table and I end up eating whatever food is left on the kids plates, standing over the kitchen sink, doing dishes. It’s awful really. So, I’ve been trying to be more intentional about actually sitting down out the table with my kids and enjoying the meal. What this has required is me saying ‘no.’ I give my kiddos a warning that if there is anything else they want before I sit down I would be happy to grab it for them, but once I’m seated I will not get up until I’m done. I’ve also started putting condiments for the meal in the center of the table and a small pitcher of water and if there was something additionally they wanted they are welcome to grab it for themselves.

What are some things that you do for self-care? Are there things that you like to splurge on? What about simple things you do for yourself?