Whatta Man – For My Husband


These days I feel like the men in our lives get a bad rap on social media. There are so many memes about how the kids will walk right past Dad watching TV on the couch and ask for a snack from Mom while she is in the shower. There are memes about how dads get to sleep and moms never do. There are jokes about how dads dress our children. I know that many of these jokes are all in good fun, but I think we need to brag on these guys a little bit more. After all, we loved them enough to have babies with them. They dealt with us when we were pregnant. I don’t know about you, but I would not to be on the other side of these hormones. Also, personally my husband does so much for me and my kids. So in the words of Salt-N-Pepa, “I want to take a minute or two, and give much respect due, To the man that’s made a difference in my world.” 

10 Things that My Husband Does to Make Our Lives Wonderful

  1. He takes out the trash. My kids are disgusting, so the trash is disgusting. I don’t want to deal with that.
  2. He calls me on his way home from town to ask if I need a Diet Coke. True love people, true love.
  3. He bathes my children more than me. I have far less patience for their tom foolery in the tub, so I appreciate this greatly.
  4. He  does special things with my kids like takes them to a back to school Cardinals game and plays age appropriate video games with them on the weekends.
  5. He built a sweet PVC pipe sprinkler for them because I found it on Pinterest.
  6. He planned a trip to Vegas for me and a friend so that I could have a break from the kids.
  7. He lets me nap.
  8. He cleans the bathrooms. See number one for explanation. 
  9. He shows the kids that he loves their mom.
  10. He respects me and supports all the wacky ideas and dreams that I come up with.

So in this month of celebrating fathers give a shout out to your man. After all, we wouldn’t have those sweet little people in our lives without them.


  1. There are so many good dads out there. It sounds like you married a gem! And a good partnership in a marriage is worth more than the Stanley Cup?

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