What’s Your Fall Decor Type?


No matter your type, there is always a new idea to spruce up your home for fall! Which type are you?! It depends on the year for me. But hopefully these tips will help get you feeling cozy and festive for the most beloved time of year!

Neglectful Naturalista

You: Let leaves fall on lawn & plants yellow outside for that “authentic” fall feeling. 

Try: Trim some fall foliage from your yard and place in a vase to display around your home.

Grocery Store Green Thumb

You: Buy a single mum and pumpkin on the way into the store for soup crackers & pumpkin coffee creamer. 

Try: Picking up a few decorative gourds or mini pumpkins to add to your simple porch display!


Dollar Spot Diva

You: Buy out all the faux pumpkins in assorted colors & finishes; velvet, flannel, plastic, paintable, etc. 

Try: Grabbing a a festive “fall” banner or small framed fall photo to create small vignettes around the surfaces in your home. 

Pumpkin Patch Princess

You: Buy ALL the pumpkins that can possibly fit in your trunk. Big, small, striped, white, lumpy and then one for each member of the family. 

Try: Pick up a wooden crate or hay bale from the pumpkin patch to layer and vary the display. Or pick up a paint brush and add a casual greeting or your family name/monogram to one of your pumpkin patch picks!

Dedicated DIY’er

You: already had all of the above decor installed by September 20th, but it feels like there’s something missing…

Try: finding some leftover plywood sheeting (this was from my garage), paint and stencil on your favorite greeting. Voila! Perfect finishing touch.