We are the Champions: Celebrating the Daily Moments of Motherhood



As we were pulling out of the driveway and headed to my sons’ violin lessons, my oldest said, “Hey, Mom! You should play We Are The Champions.”


a gold trophy surrounded by golden star confetti


I couldn’t help but giggle – you see – a few weeks earlier, as we pulled into the parking lot to our homeschool co-op, on time for the first time this year, I told my kids it was time to celebrate and asked Siri to play, ‘We Are The Champions.’  Then, the following week, when we arrived early to co-op, I asked Siri to play it again and turned it up even louder as we all sang along.


So, of course, as we were pulling out of the driveway, with enough time to get to violin on time, my oldest was requesting that song.


If I’m honest, part of me feels a little ridiculous sharing this, that we now blast ‘We are The Champions’ anytime we are on time. 


Being on time and getting my kids places on time is expected, assumed, my responsibility as a Mom, right?  Every other parent also spent their morning getting kids ready and out the door. Why would I celebrate that!?! 


Well, another part of me feels like, “Heck ya, that should be celebrated”!!!!  There are so many steps that go into getting myself and my three kids up, clean, dressed, fed breakfast, packed with snacks, lunches, and necessary school items.  Not to mention the other things that have to be done to care for our dog and around the home.  It is a lot! Why wouldn’t we celebrate it? Why wouldn’t we give ourselves a little cheer and tell our kids, “we did it!”?


This is a tension that sounds familiar, isn’t it?



Daily Moments of Motherhood



As Moms, as parents, there are so many things that we expect of ourselves that we figure are the bare minimum, yet they actually require quite a bit from us.


  • Planning, Purchasing, and Preparing Meals … for multiple people, multiple times a day
  • Kids clothes: seasonal and size changes, laundry, repairing, purchasing, etc
  • Planning for birthdays, the various levels of events, celebrations, and gifts
  • Finding trusted childcare, scheduling, paying, communicating, etc
  • Schedules: coordinating, finding transportation, being in the right place at the right time
  • Holiday preparation: preparing for family traditions, purchasing gifts, planning for and ordering family photos, creating and sending and stamping cards, planning for disruption in regular school + work schedules, etc.
  • And so on … and so on … and so on.


Slowing down to notice and name what goes into helping our families manage the day-to-day in each season can lead to both compassion and celebration. Compassion for ourselves, our spouse, and our kids as we face the disappointment or stress of things not going as planned. Celebration for ourselves and kids, when we acknowledge and name honestly how much has been required of us, and how much we have accomplished. 



kids celebrating with a dance party in the living room



I wonder what in your life, or your family’s life, could be celebrated? 


What is difficult to accomplish in this season?


What part of life feels like assumed responsibility or success, which actually requires more of you than maybe you realize or anyone else realizes? 


These things matter, this work that you do matters. I know it often goes overlooked or underappreciated.  I know it often goes unnamed and unnoticed.



Celebrating Motherhood



Can I tell you what happened when I blasted ‘We are the Champions’?


I sang aloud and giggled with my kids. My kids saw their Mom playful and happy.  I felt the intensity from the morning rush melt away as my cortisol levels decreased. I experienced connection and joy with my kids as we transitioned to the next part of our day together.


It was so fun. 


I want that for you too.  Even when no one else fully sees or understands what motherhood requires of you these days– the work you are doing is worthy of noticing and celebrating.


I’ve included a few ideas on ways to celebrate below.  As we enter into the weeks ahead, full of tradition, events, and holiday fun, I hope you find ways to name and celebrate your daily investments – you are a champion, Momma!



Ways to Celebrate:


  • High Five
  • Dance Party
  • Special Handshake
  • Celebratory Song
  • Specific Saying or Chant
  • Bear Hug
  • Phone call or text to a family member or friend
  • Special Craft or Art Project
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Rachel is originally from the Chicagoland area, but has grown deep Saint Louis roots over the last fifteen years. She married her high school sweetheart and they live in the Metro East with their three children and spunky puppy. Rachel is the kind of Mom who loves watching her kids grow and learn new things, and also wishes time would slow down a bit. Rachel and her husband love to travel together, dream together, and enjoy time with friends and family. Rachel loves getting lost in a story and is always up for a book or podcast recommendation. She loves time outside, good questions, long conversations, and a good theme to plan a party or meal around. Rachel works as a Child, Adolescent and Family Therapist who provides counseling, parent coaching and equipping. She loves helping parents strengthen their relationships with their children, and helping parents understand their children through a developmental lens. Rachel believes we were all meant to be heard, feel known and be absolutely delighted in.


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