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Are you ready wanting to get back to your pre-pregnancy self? Or are you a gym rat looking to push yourself to your limits? Whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete, ultiFIT is your must try new class! And guess what?! You’re in luck! All ultiFit classes are FREE through August 31! 

ultiFIT is a new workout program that combines the most effective principals of high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) and optional obstacle course training, that promise to lead you to great results through a powerful and uplifting experience.

St. Louis Moms Blog was challenged to try out this ultiFIT workout at Ultimate Ninjas – St. Louis, and I will tell you all and nothing but the truth about it. The real and raw experience of a tired mom of three, being invited to complete a workout designed by American Ninja Warriors… (Right! I know what you are thinking!).

I started excusing myself. I have a baby, I do not feel fully recovered yet. I’m back from vacations, I do not feel fully recovered yet. I’m in the 40’s, I do not feel fully recovered yet. Are you fully feeling me? Then, I realized that my comfort zone was controlling me, and comfort zones usually don’t burn calories nor take that cellulitis out of my legs. So, I just went for it!

The process was quite simple! I just had to go to ultiFIT website (here), click to redeem a free class, choose the best schedule for me and follow the instructions. Easy.

The day of the workout I put some comfortable workout clothes on, wore my training shoes and packed myself with good attitude (attitude is everything, please always keep that in mind!). I head to my location, where I was kindly and warmly welcomed. I was explained the daily workout (which is different every day!) and everyone made me feel at ease, and assured me that the set of exercises would always be adjusted to my current physical condition.

I have to say, from all of my sore body today, that I had a blast. I had fun, I tried exercises I’ve never tried before (which is great to keep the motivation on), I felt all my muscles were exercised, I felt guided and supported all the time, and my limits were respected all the time. When I finished I was sweating and feeling tired, but super inspired about what I had just done. Plus, I did all the workout while my kids were having fun during a Ninja Class (win, win!).

Check out some exercises:



Additional information:

  • August classes are free in St. Louis;
  • 6-week “Push4Progress” Program: The Push4Progress program doubles as a 6-week trial period (unlimited access) for newcomers that want to try us out, as well as an accountability program for our new and current clients! We conduct Progress Testing every 6 weeks to track your progress along the way. We track your weight, lean muscle %, body fat % and body measurements, as well as test your max strength in all major muscles groups, your mobility and heart rate endurance.
  • No long-term contracts required
  • Tracking results through the App

I highly recommend you to try this ultiFIT workout. Don’t be afraid. I promise that by the end of it you will feel great with yourself for allowing you some self-care, and for feeling nothing else but empowered (ok, and sore…. I said this was all about the truth!).

Dare to push your limits. You are ready for this.


This post is sponsored by ultaFit but the opinions are those of the writer based on her experience.

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