Toy Organization Refresh


Let’s talk TOYS! I dont know about you but having 2 littles, I often find myself drowning in toys. Whether its blocks, fire trucks or the mini-bicycle that my son likes to push around the house there are always ways to refresh your toy area. Since I have been a mom the past 2 and half years, I have organized toys I would say a thousand times over and every time im not quite satisfied. Well, I think I finally found the one thing that doesn’t make my home look like a toy tornado. Here are a couple tips to help you with some toy organization.

  1. Use baskets or bins that can also be used as decorative pieces- This literally saved all my organization woes. I was able to use really cute baskets (Thanks mom) that were not only for decor and aesthetics but also a way to hide toys. 
  2. Use empty corners in your home to make little play areas but can still be functional and useful.       
  3. Folding up the playpen- This was something that I kept debating whether I wanted to do this or not. I ended up folding the playpen because they are pretty easy to fold and store. So if needed it would be no problem to unfold it and use it. I was able to store it in the little corner without it being in the way and taking up too much living room space. 



This pic was BEFORE the refresh and this is AFTER

I hope you enjoyed my tips!