Top Spots to Donate Baby/Kiddo Clothes


I am a mom of two boys with a third baby on the way. Up until a week ago, I was convinced this new little one would be a boy. WRONG. We are having a GIRL! We couldn’t be more excited to change things up in our house but I did feel some sadness when thinking about letting go of my boys old clothing and gently used items. 

In full “nesting” fashion, I began sifting through the many containers of stored baby boy clothes and I started making piles and bags of things to be “donated”. One problem, WHERE DO YOU DONATE THIS STUFF? I did some research, asked around, polled the Facebook and Instagram powers that be, and built out the list below to [hopefully] help other parents who are facing the “WHERE TO DONATE” question.

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  1. Ask around! By posting on Facebook/Instagram, I had many of my mama friends reach out to me and express interest in my kids old clothes. My mom brain forgot that my own friends might appreciate some of their hand me downs!
  2. Local churches! Especially around the holidays, churchs are often collecting for organizations that they support and partner with.
  3. Nurses for Newborns
  4. Helping Hand Me Downs
  5. Refresh Boutique
  6. Resource
  7. Vietnam Veterans (this organization will also pick up your items!)
  8. Foster Coalition
  9. Crisis Nursery Saint Louis
  10. St. Patrick Center

The list could go on! Saint Louis has so many wonderful places to give back. While it might be tough to let go of your babes old things, there is a relief and happiness in knowing that those items are going to a new home where they can be loved again.

What’s your favorite place to donate in STL?