Top 10 Things I Will Do When My Child Goes Back to School


My four-year- old daughter goes back to half-day preschool on August 13th! It’s so soon. While I’m a little sad that the summer is coming to a close, my daughter and I could really use some time to miss one another. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? You see, we are too alike, really too sassy to spend all day every day with one another.  While I sit and think about school starting and all the things I have to accomplish before it starts, I am also thinking about what I will do once school has started. My thoughts started out practical, like laundry and cleaning, but then quickly shifted…

Top Ten Things I Will Do When My Child Goes Back to School:

10. Nap. All the napping. I will then nap some more.
9. Eat Oreos in plain sight, in the living room, instead of locked in the bathroom so no one can see or hear me.
8. Stare at the TV with dreamy eyes for Tom Selleck as I catch up on the latest season of Blue Bloods. #frankreaganiseverything
7. Shower.
6. Nap Again
5. Take only one child shopping at ALDI and bask in the wonder that no one is hitting anyone else in my cart. 
4. Pick up toys, but conveniently get distracted and start playing with the Magnatiles because those things are super fun.
3. Read a book, okay, attempt to read a book and then get distracted by Snapchat and snap a picture of myself with a daisy crown that says, “Schools back in session! #livingthegoodlife”
2. Nap. You think I’m kidding, but I could really sleep like a teenager for the rest of my life.
1. Think about when I will pick my daughter up from school and wonder how her day went because I missed her and can’t wait to see her again.

In all reality I will miss my daughter, but I am excited to see how she grows and what she learns this year. School is good for the kids and good for the parents. We all get some structure back, a change of pace and a little break. 

Also, an extra shout out to all the teachers out there! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job; teaching, loving and engaging our children. Know you are all appreciated for all that you do!