Top 10 Teacher Gifts for the Holidays


Every year around this time, I put out a cry for help/ideas via Facebook. It usually goes something like this, “FRIENDS! WHAT DO I GET FOR MY KIDS TEACHERS FOR THE HOLIDAYS!” And there is typically a time frame that I put on it like, “**must know by tomorrow because I am a procrastinator**”

Make no mistake, I put out a similar plea this year but it was to gather the best ideas (FROM ACTUAL TEACHERS!) to create a top 10 list of gift ideas for this post! I am sharing the love and taking the guesswork out of what to get your kiddos’ amazing teachers (that love and support them like their own every day)!

1. Gift Cards

end of the year teacher gift ideas- free printable gift card holders with cute sayings

Amazon, Target and Starbucks take the cake in terms of what teachers are loving! Don’t forget about gift cards to local restaurants, boutiques, theaters and even grocery stores (Trader Joe’s anyone?!) After hearing from the masses, $5-$25 is the standard. This can vary based on how many teachers you have to buy for and how long your child has been in a certain class.

2. Personalized Items

Personalized water bottles

A monogrammed mug, tumbler, tote, and water bottle were some of the favorites shared by teacher friends. You can usually find a local mama that is running a side hustle by making some of the gifts mentioned above.

3. A Handwritten Note

Every Saturday, send a friend a handwritten note to say hello.

This was my favorite “gift” submitted. Teachers shared how special it was to receive a note from the child or parent. Bonus: It’s FREE to be kind. No matter the “gift” you choose, this should always be something that you include. Teachers=heroes!

4. Gift Baskets/Bags

Image result for favorite things gift bag


Why settle on one item for a gift? Combine some of your favorites! Many local companies can help you put together a dream gift basket/bag within the budget you set. Make your own! Have a favorite soap, candle, lip gloss and candy? Toss it in a cute baggy and share your “favorite things.”

5. Candles

Image result for bath and body works candles

Bath & Body Works was specifically mentioned in the poll conducted but you can snag amazing scents from places like Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and even stores like Aldi (they have some great holiday scents!) Note: Scented items are tricky (Never ever get me a “cashmere woods” candle…my nose cannot handle but some people love it!) However, if it has pretty packaging, it doesn’t have to be burned and can just be displayed.

6. Jewelry

Elisa Gold Pendant Necklace in Slate

image 0


Charitable companies like Kendra Scott and Alex and Ani were a couple that ranked at the top of the list. Personalized jewelry for the specific school is also a great idea. Help your teachers show their school spirit (loving the layered leather earrings pictured above for this!)

7. Lotions

Signature Collection Vanilla Bean Noel Ultra Shea Body Cream - Bath And Body Works

Winter is notorious for drying out our skin, so pretty lotions in fun packaging are a go-to gift for some. Check out the ever-so popular Bath & Body Works for great holiday deals (but don’t forget about some of your favorite smaller businesses down the road!)

8. Gloves/Scarf Set


One of my favorite teachers submitted this idea. She mentioned that teachers are always taking our kiddos outside for recess and she was gifted a cozy gloves and scarf set to stay warm!

9. Lunch Delivery

Image result for delivery bag

Plan accordingly but what better way to say thanks to your teachers than having something delicious delivered for lunch? An alternative option would be dropping off donuts, bagels, or breakfast items in the morning. Note: Grab a gift card for the teacher if you can’t have something delivered to the school. 

10. Wine 

My Child Might be the Reason you Drink Teacher Wine Gift makes for a funny teacher gift! It will not only make them laugh it will be appreciated. FREE printable wine gift tag.

Christmas Gift for Teacher Wine Glass Present by KrisGetsCrafty

This was the most asked question: “Is it okay to gift wine?” The answer is, I don’t know. Use your discretion. There are lots of ways to make this a cute “gift.” Another option is to grab a gift card from a place like Total Wine so they can pick out their own (and you don’t have to lug a bottle into the school!)

Honorable Mentions

A few honorable mentions that didn’t make the top 10 list but are still great options: homemade treats, candy in a cute cup or mug, fruit, and ornaments.

No matter the gift you choose, the teachers will be grateful! Remember the reason for the season, spread love and I hope this list will make your holiday prep a little easier.

What’s your “go to” gift for teachers? Share with us in the comments!