Tools To Keep Myself Structured While Being A SAHM


I have been a SAHM for almost 3 years now. Back in 2016, My husband and I decided that when I got pregnant, I wouldn’t have to work anymore. Being a SAHM as been the best thing that has ever happened to me. When I was pregnant with my son it was only me at home at the time so I was able to get tons of rest. Moving forward to having Martin and now Leia it’s quite different. Because of having 2 under 2, I knew that I needed structure to get through the day. I think it’s important to have some kind of routine so you don’t feel overwhelmed or stressed (am I, right mommas?). Having a routine whether it’s in the morning or at night will allow you to add fun things to your schedule such as play dates or even some self-care. For me, I found having some structure to my day has allowed me to get more things done and even have some me time. Of course, with having 2 littles, not all days are the same and some days the structure goes out the window but that’s totally ok because #momlife and at least you know your kids will go down for a nap some time during the day and you can catch up on things if you need to. Here are a couple tools I use to help keep me structured. 

  • Notes App for iPhone
    • This app has saved my life. I use it for shopping lists, grocery lists and ongoing lists that I like to use so I can add things when needed. I have also made my day and night schedule on the Notes app which I was able to make with all the details.
  • Echo Dot
    • “Alexa get my life together” Haha this is what I wish I can say to her but I am able to have her send me reminders and put events in my calendar. All I have to do is tell her and she makes it happen.
  • Soft Music
    • Ok maybe this doesn’t exactly keep me structured per se but it helps keep my home peaceful which allows me to think clearly and get things done throughout the day. I feel like it also keeps my littles in a calm mood which is fantastic for me. 
  • Productivity Notebook
    • If you are an entrepreneur, this will definitely keep you organized if you have a business or starting a business. It allows you to write down all your goals, daily goals, and short term goals. When I actually sit down and use its absolutely amazing. 

What tools do you use to keep you sane as a mom?