To My Sue || A Dedication to My Mom


Enjoy this sweet dedication to a mom for Mother’s Day.


“Oh my gosh, there are three of them!” This out-of-the-blue comment came in 2006 at my baby sister’s 8th-grade ceremony from a woman none of us knew. I had just turned around to greet my sister with my mom standing by my side. The commentary came from this woman sitting on the bleachers, shocked by the uncanny features the three of us share. You can without a doubt tell we’re related with some questioning if my sister and I are twins. We owe it to one woman.


‘Sue, Susan, Suzie Q, mom, momma, Momma Sue, Grammy, she answers to all of them. She’s there with an unsolicited opinion, a “just checking in” phone call, or a group text to myself and siblings telling us to “keep an eye on the weather.” She’s mom. A midwest tornado could be rolling through, and she will still be standing.

She was a single mom of 3 by age 35, and when this dawned on me a few years ago, I was floored as to how she managed it all. One toddler with a supportive husband at home can still leave me spinning. She’s a woman who has pulled herself up more times than I can count because her children depended on her.


To see her with her grandchildren, who are without a doubt her favorite people, is a sight to see. I’ve watched her play with my son over facetime, laughing and playing along to whatever silly antics he’s up to, completely engaged. You’ll see her on the sidelines at my niece’s basketball games or my nephew’s soccer games watching the moves they make and cheering them on.



If there is one thing she can’t get enough of it’s her dogs. Since I was 16 it has always been a two-dog household. Even if we lose one because it’s just time, it won’t be long before the door is opening for another to take over the house. Speaking of, her home is always open to others. Friends have often walked in the door saying hello to “Momma Sue.” I’m pretty sure most of our friends knew the garage door code.

In 2002 she found a white water rafting company and took a solo trip (with guides) on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. It’s still one of her favorite trips. She’s never been afraid of new experiences, and traveling. She loves the mountains, but her soul needs the water and sandy beach. She was raised fishing, water skiing, and camping by my grandparents, and it’s never left her. Her hippie heart needs the flowers and the trees to rest and recharge.

She’s passed on an independence and fierencess to her children. Don’t tell us we can’t do something, we’ll turn around to say, “watch me.” One conversation I still remember from a few years ago, I was in the car heading to work and having my usual morning phone call with her. I was going on about the world, life, politics, and whatever was happening at work. At one point she said, “you can’t fix the world.” My response was, “I’m going to try.”


At any time in my life I’ve stood my ground or attempted to make any sort of difference, she was there by my side. From supporting organizations or events I’ve been a part of, to lobbying in Jefferson City with me, she’s cheering me on. You’ll find her at any market in St. Louis where my sister’s apparel shop has a booth. You’ll catch her in the bleachers at my brother’s alumni soccer games.

She and I both walked across the stage, from our respective colleges, for our Bachelor’s degrees in 2008. She did it while managing a full-time job, and while three kids were in the house. It was one of her proudest moments.


Over the years, she’s made tough decisions, not just for herself but for her family. She’s faced grief and loss in various forms, and I’ve witnessed her incredible strength in each of those moments.

Truly, she’s a fighter. She’s a fighter for me my and siblings, her grandkids, her husband, her brothers, her dad, all of her nieces and nephews, friends, and countless others. My passion for advocacy, and the rights of women and families all go back to her.

As we celebrate mothers this May, I could write a book about mine. She’s my hero, my best friend, and I am truly lucky I get to call her mom. Happy Mother’s Day, Momma!


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