This Valentine’s Day, Get Crafty with Your Little Ones


I know Valentine’s Day is a day that is highly celebrated between people and their significant others. Now that my child is 2-years-old, I am looking forward to sharing this day with her, too. I am planning to cook a dinner she will love, and we will make yummy cupcakes together with cute heart sprinkles. I also want to make a fun craft with her and to share some creative ideas I found on Valentine’s Day crafts that you can make with your kiddos to include them on this day of love!

Love Bug Hats

This is a simple project that you can make together and get everyone involved. You will need some construction paper, stickers, pipe cleaners, markers, and tape and let the kids create away. 

red, pink, and white valentine's day hearts made of pipe cleaners

Valentine’s Day Friendship Heart Necklaces

Make a craft to share and give to each other with these sweet friendship heart necklaces. You will need yarn, foam hearts, and some beads. This is an awesome keepsake for everyone!

Handprint Flower Bouquet

young girl with scissors sitting at a table, making Valentine's day craftsConstruction paper and paint can turn your kid’s handprint into a masterpiece. Paint flower stems on a piece of paper and add their painted handprint to the tops to make the flowers. Be sure to include their name and the date, and you have pretty artwork to frame.

Lovebirds Birdfeeders to Share the Love on Valentine’s Day

Have fun in the kitchen making festive birdfeeders with your kiddos. The ingredients are simple:

  • 3/4 cup of flour
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 1 envelope unflavored gelatin (2.5 teaspoons)*
  • 3 Tbsp corn syrup
  • 4 cups birdseed

You will also need a 2 1/2 inch cookie cutter and some ribbon or twine to hang it when you are done. Follow the link above to make this adorable Valentine’s Day craft!

scalloped heart shaped Valentines cookie cutters on a black background

There are so many ideas of what you can create with your little ones. Please post photos of your crafts with us! Shower our blog with your images and share the fun! Our kids look forward to seeing us every day, so instead of only showing our significant others all of the Valentine’s Day love, let’s get the kiddos in on the celebration! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!