The Pep Talk We All Need Right Now : You Were Made for This


You were made for this.

This is the unfamiliar, uncharted, unwanted territory of the great unknown. This is motherhood 2.0 on steroids without an instruction manual. This is the season of save yourself, hold on to your relationships, drink more coffee or wine, eat more ice cream, or have a doughnut (or three)!


You Were Made for This!
Just chill. Trust yourself.


You were made for such a time as this. Not because you studied well or meal planned your way into preparedness. It isn’t because you are abundantly smart or incredibly beautiful, but because you are capable. And capable is plenty enough for right now.

You were made for this moment of crazy. You will survive it if you are determined to do so. It will not run you or ruin you even when it feels like it. You have so much grace for this moment because you see it for what it is – temporary insanity. There isn’t enough toilet paper, hand sanitizer, or Lysol spray to solve it. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all must-have solution for it.

You were made for this level of anything goes with all of the necessary caution and awareness. When you see the bright side, even for a moment, you plant gardens in desert places. Your belief that one day it will get better, easier, more manageable, and bearable keeps the ship afloat. Your hope is wind in the sails.

Your priorities have changed. Your mindset has shifted. You know something now that you didn’t know six months ago. Your dreams are being re-imagined and what you desire for the future is likely simpler than before. You are growing.

Photo by Jernej Graj on Unsplash

You were made for this challenge. It’s creating a strength in you that is unparalleled and couldn’t be formed any other way. You will more than survive. You will thrive and tell a marvelous story about it all someday. You will make it to the other side.

You are worthy of being counted necessary and needed. You are loved even when you don’t feel it. You are tired, and that’s okay. But you are also a gem under pressure. This journey is longer than you thought it would be and tougher than you imagined. Some things will never be the same because they can’t be. Others will never be the same because they shouldn’t be.

You were made to see this to the end and nurture others along the way. You are gifted in all the ways that matter and will make a difference. Your efforts count. You will struggle, but you will not drown – we will help you float. No matter the distance, background, status of motherhood, or level of experience, we are all going through this thing that has no name but bears many faces.

Let’s purpose to be kinder to each other.

We were made to get through this together.