Swim Time for Baby and Mommy


When thinking of ways to make sure our baby experienced things that help with her developmental skills, swimming came to mind.  I knew it would be a bonding experience between us but I also wanted her to have the safety skills needed in case of an accident. When researching swim options, we decided to go with a monthly membership to Barron Swim School. I wanted this to be something that we can build her skills on for the long term. What I didn’t expect was that I would learn a ton, too!And not just about child safety, but about myself and the special bond I have with our little girl.

I am a pretty outgoing gal but put me in a swimsuit in front of others and I become insecure. I don’t have the most flattering figure and I know us ladies can be pretty hard on ourselves and how we see our bodies. I will say that the feeling of nervousness melted away after the first class. Not because I lost weight or even wore a different suit which covered up more. It was because my little baby knows that she can trust me in that pool to make sure she is safe and having fun. All she sees is that I am spending time with her and loving her. When I put the swim classes in that perspective, my insecurities faded away.  We have 30 minutes a week of per swim time bliss. We splash, we sing, we learn safety skills, we make new friends, and most importantly she learns that she can trust me. Trust me to help her learn, not to be scared of new things, and that I will always be there.

Swimming helps improve coordination and balance. It also helps build muscles strengthens the heart and lungs, and helps with brain development. Swimming can also improve their sleeping habits! (Pretty amazing, right?!) I know it has for our little girl. She sleeps deeply the night after she swims and that carries on into the following days.

Swimming also helps build her confidence. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, drowning is a leading cause of death among children and toddlers. A 2009 study found an 88% reduction of drowning risk in children who had taken swim lessons. Swim classes teach these babies early on how to float on their backs and how to reach and climb the wall if possible. These classes give children the confidence to swim safely and have the skills and knowledge of what to do in the event that an accident does occur.

We’ve been taking classes for a month now and I can see some improvements already. She has learned the cues for going under water and is getting more comfortable floating on her back each class. I knew the class would be beneficial for her, I just didn’t realize how much I would be getting out of it, too! I’m excited to continue classes and watch her develop amazing skills, and I am also excited that we get that special time together.

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