Summer Favorites of an Indoorsy Mom


Are you an indoorsy mom? Even if you aren’t, these tips are fab!


Midwest Summer, the heat, humidity, the bugs, I’ll take a hard pass on all of it. I’ve never been a fan of summer, but there are a few things I do find joy in for the season that can be enjoyed in the comforts of my AC.



frozen mini ice cream sandwiches and Fat Boy orange creamsicle Freeze pops

Aldi Treats


My son’s favorite, any time of the year, is ice cream. The problem is normal size treats always melt long before he can finish them, making a huge mess. These mini ice cream sandwiches are the perfect size for him and make a delicious small snack for me. My favorite ice cream has always been orange sherbet, and these orange sherbet pops are the perfect dreamsicle blend; if they melt, they stay pretty contained in the cone-like container for less mess.


Another great Aldi find is Jell-O Dirt and Beach Kits. They make for a tasty, fun sensory activity for little ones to get messy in the kitchen at snack time.


a toddler boy in front of a pan of chocolate dirt and gummy worms



Easy Frosé


Frozen treats aren’t just for the kiddos! I found this easy Weight Watchers-approved frosé recipe on Katie Lee Biegel’s Instagram page. Let me tell you, it is deliciously refreshing! Combine a cup of frozen strawberries, a cup of rosé (I like Sunny With a Chance of Flowers , only 85 calories, sustainably sourced, and available at Target for under $12 a bottle), a tablespoon of agave nectar, and 10 mint leaves in a blender and blend. Then add a cup of ice and blend until smooth. Garnish with a mint leaf if you’re feeling fancy. Makes two glasses.


Home Depot and Lowe’s Kids Workshops


Speaking of activities, Home Depot and Lowe’s Kids Workshops are now back in person, and even better, they are free. They have become one of our monthly must-dos. It’s something that my husband and son can do and enjoy together. The kids also get little aprons with pins to add to them from Home Depot, and Lowe’s gives iron-on patches for theirs. The Home Depot projects require a little more creativity with painting and coloring, but the Lowe’s projects are nicer. Which, of course, means I like the Home Depot projects better and my husband likes the Lowe’s projects better.


a table full of crafts made at Home Depot and Lowes


My favorite so far is the little picket fence planter that they made for Mother’s Day at Home Depot, and my husband likes the mini putt-putt game they built for Father’s Day at Lowe’s. The Home Depot’s workshops are every first Saturday of the month from 9 am until noon and are walk in; no reservation needed. The Lowe’s Workshops require a reservation, but they open up the timeslots for walk-ins at the end for any reservations that do not show up. You can find sign up for the next class here.




Edison’s Entertainment Complex


We are fortunate to have Edison’s a quick 10-minute drive from our house here in Edwardsville. It’s the perfect place to beat the heat with kids. They have bowling and arcade games, which my toddler loves, but it’s also fun for older kids, who can also take advantage of their laser tag room. Not to mention, the food and drinks are also really good. I recommend the shrimp tacos and the giant pretzel. Check out their Facebook page for summer specials.


Catching Fireflies Game


This game is great for indoor and outdoor fun. I actually found it looking for options to substitute for easter egg hunting since we did LED eggs the night before Easter outside, and my two-year-old loved them. After dark or dusk, hide them around the yard for your kids to find. Or, if you prefer the comfort of AC hide them around the house at night instead. The game comes with two sets of fireflies.


the game, Catching Fireflies, on a table



What are your indoorsy summer favorites?


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