STEM Toys: Great for your Infant and Toddler’s Christmas List


Wondering what to get your little one for the holidays?  STEM Toys!


‘Tis the Christmas shopping season!


While shopping for your child’s favorite character toy, also consider STEM toys. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Why is STEM so great? STEM promotes creativity, independent play skills, problem-solving skills, and kids are secretly learning while playing! When most people think of STEM toys, they think of robotics for older kiddos. However, STEM toys can be utilized with toddlers and even babies!


Here’s a list of my favorite STEM toys for babies and toddlers (and most I use within my Autism Classroom!):


Baby List

1. Stacking Cups: Building, Counting, and Color identification! If you grab the stacking cups with holes, you can incorporate them into water play.

2. Soft Building Blocks: You’re never too young to start building!

3. Activity Cube: Promotes math and works on hand-eye coordination skills.



4. Gears: Move, stack, and twirl. Begin exploring the world of gear.

5. Ring Stacker: Between grasping and stacking, you’re working on those fine motor and problem-solving skills.

6. Shape Sorter: Fine motor, math, and problem-solving all in one!

7. Spin N Sprinkle Water Lab: You can even incorporate STEM into bath time!

8. Pound A Ball: Between color matching, fine motor, and sensory, it’s a must!

9. Rainbow Scarf Set: I love to add some music while interacting with these!

10. Water Play Mat: Great for sensory stimulation without the mess!


Toddler List

1. Interlocking Blocks: I love seeing what creations can be made with this colorful set.

2. Bristle Blocks: Not only is this great for building, but also great to incorporate with sensory play.

3. Interlocking Discs: Recently, I found these at Dollar Tree. If you find them, nab them!

4. STEM Building Sets: I love using this kit in the classroom!

5. Construction Tiles: Have a tool lover? This is perfect for them!

6. Star Flex Blocks: These multi-dimensional shapes always remind me of flowers, but what else can you create?

7. Magnetic Tiles: Great for building, but you can also add a sheet pan to make some 2D creations or add a light table for sensory play.

8. Magnetic Tiles- Ball Track: We thought we loved Magnetic Tiles, but then we got the Ball Track Set! This is a great toddler version of a marble run!



9. Waffle Blocks: Endless possibilities to build some epic 3D creations.

10. Blockaroo: Soft, foam, magnetic block sets where you can create vehicles, boats, critters, helicopters, windmills, rockets, and more!

11. Flower Garden: Even if you don’t nab this for Christmas, save it to add to your child’s Easter Basket. Perfect for Spring—just in time for building a garden.


a toddler color-matching Duplo blocks onto colored paper as a STEM activity
a child building with Duplo blocks on the couch
a young boy sitting at a table, playing with Legos

12. Mega Blocks: Who doesn’t love a good “First Block Set”?!

13. Lego Duplo: Too big for Mega Blocks, but not ready for Legos? Duplo Blocks are perfect to start creating and building while working on fine motor skills.

14. Legos: Once you’ve grown out of Mega Blocks and Duplo blocks, you enter the world of Legos! And, don’t forget the accessories—plates, street plates, wheels and axels, windows and doors, and more (Tip: Dollar Tree has some great accessories)!

15. Cardboard Blocks: These blocks are heavy-duty and big! Great for pretend play- build a house, build a castle, the possibilities are endless!

16. Train Tracks: Everyone loves building a good train track! Need a STEM Train Field Trip idea? Visit the Frisco Train Store!


Frisco Train Store

17. Code and Go Robot Mouse: Basic coding robot. Great to create movements, while matching symbols.

18. Coding Critters: Practice coding with these cute critters while reading along with an interactive storybook.

19. Science Lab Kit: Great to work on color identification, mixing colors, and experimenting.



20. Rocket Launchers: Great outdoors activity. How far can your rocket launch? (Another great one to save for Easter Baskets if you don’t nab it for Christmas.)


Where can you find STEM toys besides Amazon?

Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart, Five Below, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Once Upon A Child … if they sell toys, you’ll find something STEM-related!


What STEM toy will you be grabbing this holiday season?



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