Snow Days: How to Survive Wintertime in the Midwest


Snow days. As soon as I see the weather report of any possible impending snow or ice storm, the anxiety begins to rise. I love my children dearly, but elongated weekends stuck inside are tough. Not to mention the rescheduling of my own appointments, difficulty in getting weekly errands accomplished, and attempting to get work done from home with kids can be challenging. In hindsight, though, the canceled days of school have given me some much-needed reminders.

Slow Down.

I suck at this. From the moment my alarm goes off at 5:15 am, I feel like I’m running from one task to the next each day. The unexpected snow days off have given us the opportunity to move at a slower pace. Longer mornings in pajamas with toys spread out, not rushing to get out the door, reminds me how much I need those moments to sit and relax. Sometimes in order to get the hamster wheel in my brain to slow down, I first need to slow down my body. 

Be a Kid Again. 

Playing in the snow with my kids, sledding, laying on the floor coloring, or playing games brings out my inner child that deeply misses the freedom of childhood. Not only does it provide precious moments for me to connect with my children, but it reminds me that I do not always have to focus on the next productive task. All of the mommying tasks will get done; they always do. In the meantime, give yourself some playtime! 

It’s Okay to Be Bored.

I often fall into the trap that I am somehow responsible for my kids’ entertainment for the day. That, lovely mamas, is their job. On snow days where we are often stuck at home, I am reminded that I am not a cruise ship director. I am happy to offer suggestions to my kids, but ultimately they need to figure out how to keep themselves busy. Being bored is good; it helps them get creative. See the box of recycling that has been ready to go out for the whole week? Make a robot. The pile of construction paper sitting on your bookshelf? Turn it into snowflakes like you see outside. If all else fails, I bundle them up, push them out the door and tell them they can’t come inside for at least 15 minutes. They’ll survive.