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Are you ready for some fun bacon facts?? I mean, who WOULDN’T be?

We chatted with our friends at Missouri-based, Burgers’ Smokehouse (available at local Schnucks & Dierbergs stores!) to get the details on what you need to look for in bacon.

The biggest difference between Burgers’ Smokehouse bacon and “normal” bacon is Burgers’ doesn’t add any water. What does that mean?

Burgers’ bacon is naturally wood smoked and dry cured, meaning it’s rubbed with salt and spices, rather than soaked in brine like other bacons.  Dry cured bacon also doesn’t shrink as much when its cooked since it’s not full of water. That means more bacon (and flavor!) for your moolah! 

Are there any other meats that taste like bacon?

Yes! Pork jowl is often considered bacon’s “twisted relative” because it tastes like and can be cooked the same ways you can cook bacon. 

There are so many different types of bacon! How can I choose?

Burgers’ Smokehouse has FIVE different types of bacon- all with unique flavor profiles and uses in cooking. 

  • Original Hickory Smoked Bacon– A best seller and the most versatile bacon flavor.  It’s dry cured and hickory smoked. 
  • Peppered Hickory Smoked Bacon– Just as the name suggests, this bacon boasts an extra black pepper in the dry curing process, giving it a little extra flavor! 
  • Applewood Smoked Bacon– Smoked with natural Applewood chips, this milder tasting bacon is perfect for breakfasts. 
  • Cajun Hickory Smoked Bacon– Full of zesty Cajun spices takes this bacon to the next level. Wrapped around other meats or vegetables for grilling, or adding it to a salad, this bacon has just the right amount of kick!
  • Maple Hickory Smoked Bacon- Maple flavor is added to the original dry cured mixture for a perfect sweet and smoky combination. 

These fine meats are available online on the Burgers’ Smokehouse website, and available at local Schnucks & Dierbergs stores!

Those bacon fun-facts are cool, but what are the best ways to prepare bacon?  We gotcha covered!

Bacon Recipes

Candied Bacon

Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon

Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

Chocolate Covered Bacon

Italian Style BLT

Bacon & Cream Cheese Pinwheels

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This post is sponsored by Burgers' Smokehouse.
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