5 Places to Take Your Toddler When Cold Months Strike


Despite summer temperatures lingering, it’s inevitable that our days of playing outside with chalk and bubbles will wind down and we’ll need to adjust our time at local parks to indoor options as a way to burn off endless amounts of toddler energy.

Fall still gives us ample opportunity to play outside, but soon enough, the weather will turn and we’ll be back to a state of cabin fever where we’ll find ourselves asking what can we do with these kids besides watch another episode of Daniel Tiger?  

Thankfully, St. Louis Moms Blog has put together a variety of guides for ideas to help you explore town. I live in St. Charles and have a two year old. I’m also overly concerned about her getting trampled at places like Monkey Joe’s or The Magic House (totally my own personal issues – definitely take your two year old to those places if the mood strikes!).  

With geographical and age considerations in mind, I’ve started putting together my top list places I’d like to take my daughter when we’re forced to get creative with our time during the colder months.

  1. Myseum. I took a day off work and pulled my daughter out of daycare one day to go here. It was awesome. Any place where I have to do the side-carry while she’s screaming must mean it was a hit. Bonus: they have a really great area reserved for toddlers. The entire place is awesome, but we spend most of our time in the toddler area.
  2. Butterfly House and St. Louis Carousel. Both located in Faust Park, you could easily hit these in the same trip. I haven’t been to the Butterfly House in many years, so I have no recent anecdotes on that, but I can say the carousel is awesome. My husband and I actually took wedding photos there, and have since been there for a birthday party. A very cool piece of St. Louis history AND fun!
  3. Play street Museum. Do not sleep on this place. Another place that has required the side-carry removal technique, it’s a cute play area for kids – great for toddlers and even older. Lots to keep the littles occupied and not too big, meaning, you can probably sit and relax for a hot minute while your child goes to town (literally, it’s setup like a miniature town with a firehouse, veterinarian’s office, ice cream shop, and more!).
  4. Swimming lessons. My daughter took swimming lessons for the first time right around the time she turned 6 months old. Now that she’s a little older, we’re giving it a whirl in the off season so she can be read for next summer! We take lessons at the St. Peter’s Rec Plex, but places like Foss Swim School and Little Fishes Swim School are places I hear have great programs!
  5. St. Louis Aquarium. This one is out of my personal geographic parameters, but like the rest of St. Louis, I cannot wait for this aquarium to open. I really don’t know much about it other than it’s at Union Station (which I love on its own thanks to the rich history) and there will be lots of fish and the like.

This list is certainly not exhaustive of everything we could possibly do. For that, I encourage you to check out the guides section on St. Louis Moms Blog. Have you started putting together your list of things to do when forced inside yet? What do you have planned?

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A St. Louis area transplant of 12 years, Kelly now considers herself at home with her husband and daughter. Having spent time in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and even Orange County, California, throughout her childhood and adolescence, Kelly and her husband are committed to putting down roots in St. Charles, Missouri to raise their (hopefully growing) family. As a full-time working mom, Kelly is focused on navigating the twists and turns of motherhood while still building her career in corporate America. When Kelly finds a spare hour of time to herself, she’s likely doing something active – running, walking, or sweating through a class at Orangetheory Fitness. Or just enjoying a glass of wine!