New Year, Same Mom?


New year, same mom? Maybe, maybe not …


Deep breath. Inhale … 1 … 2 … 3 … Exhale … 1 … 2 … 3.


a close up of champagne glasses clinking together for the new year
It’s a new year. A new month, a fresh start on the next chapter. The world is full of possibilities and hope. It’s a new year, and I am the same mom. Or am I?

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. I do believe in having a fresh start, leaving the past there, and jumping into all that 2022 will have to offer me and my family. I did try the word idea a couple of years ago; my word for the year was “no.” I wanted to rid myself of energy, items, and relationships that no longer fit. To be honest, I think it was 2020 and the universe just said no right back, so I guess jokes on me?

Anyway, back to the topic – I am the same mom I was and will be from 2021 to 2022. My patience will continuously be tested. Boundaries will still be pushed, and my toddler will grow into the little boy he’s becoming without slowing down for a second. I will continue to strive for grace and go easy on myself when I need to put myself in timeout. Reminding myself it’s okay to need a break, it’s okay to ask for help, and it’s okay not to be okay.

And I’ll discover a new cartoon or kids song where I’ll be wishing the original annoying song or tv show would make a comeback in our home. I’ll continue to smile at my son when I have absolutely no idea what he is talking about until he says, “okay, momma?” I’ll wonder how he’s doing at school, keeping my fingers crossed for no potty accidents. I’ll talk him off a ledge when he’s scared of going to the dentist. I’ll watch his eyes light up when he runs to the playground. I’ll worry if he is getting enough sleep or enough time with me or his dad.

I’ll learn more about myself as a parent, and as a partner, than I did in years past. I’ll continue to grow to be the best version of myself, which also includes being a wife, mother, sister, daughter, co-worker, friend, etc.


a family hugging outdoors

I’ll celebrate having those I love with me another year. And I’ll pray we are closer to ending this dreadful pandemic. I’ll grieve about losses and miss those I haven’t seen.

I’ll forget to respond to a text or email. I’ll try eating at home more rather than going out, but let’s be honest, no one wants me in a kitchen. I’ll add to the pile of books on my nightstand that are still unread. I’ll take a nap over literally any house chore. I’ll snuggle with our geriatric dogs, knowing our time is becoming more limited.

I’ll get into a ridiculous, unnecessary argument with my husband and be so thankful he’s mine.

I hope to laugh more than cry, and I hope there is less heartbreak, frustration, and sadness than in 2021.

So, no, I won’t be the same mom, much less the same person, but I’ll continue to grow and remain steadfast in learning and reminding myself change is a good thing. A new day, a new month, a new year, and an ever-changing mom.

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Stephanie is a native of St. Louis, born and raised. She attended college at Maryville University (BA) and Lindenwood University (MA). Days are full as she divides her duties between her job as the Director of Volunteers & Special Events at a local food pantry and as wife to Chris, mom to a lively preschool-aged son and “bonus” mom to two older daughters. If time allows, Stephanie devotes her time to various nonprofits who are dear to her heart. When she isn’t trying to figure out how to change the world, you can find her at home in Fenton catching up on all of her favorite Housewives or sitting back, watching the glorious chaos of home!


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