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Moms in the Lou: Amy Lescher on Becoming Her Best Self


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Welcome STL Fitness Guru, Amy Lescher! Tell us all about you! 

I’m Amy Lescher, born and raised in STL. I’ve been married to my compass, my rock and my love, Erik, for 12 years. I have two amazing daughters, Sophie (17) and Stevie (9). Sophie is super creative, artsy, and a competitive dancer. She’s gracious, confident, and has the ability to listen without judgment. Stevie is my sporty spice and wild child. She is super independent, brave, and confident.  I also have two French Bulldogs, Bronx (black brindle) and Tank (Fawn); they are a perfect example of Yin and Yang. Amy Lescher with her family by the St. Louis Arch

I have a degree in Biology and am a nurse by trade. As a nurse, I worked in the Emergency Department, for an Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon, did clinical research in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, and was the Director of Nursing for a nursing home. I left nursing while pregnant with my oldest, and went into Pharmaceutical Sales, where I stayed until after my youngest was born.  I’d always done fitness as a side gig, so I started picking up more classes and clients. 

I grew up an athlete, so fitness was a natural fit- hell, it was just natural. I wanted to learn about the body and all it could do. Being an athlete, I knew movement made me happy and fed my soul. If there is a modality or genre of fitness, chances are I’ve done it, certified in it, and taught it. Fitness is my passion and my profession. I’ve been the Fitness Director at TruFusion STL since July 2017, I’m a two time lululemon ambassador, and my purpose is to help people become their best selves. 

What do you love most about being an STL mom? What do you like the least?

I love being in such a great family town.  St. Louis creates events with families in mind. I love that there are lots of attractions to take my kids to for outings, culture, and fun. 

What could be better about being a mom in STL would be more cohesiveness, more inclusiveness, and fewer cliques. It’s getting better, but STL is slow on the uptake of these things.  

a blonde woman in workout gear, posing in front of a lit background

How do you balance motherhood and time for fitness/self-care?

I juggle a lot.  I’m a planner…I love to make and check off “To Do” lists. To show up as my best self, I need some sort of workout, movement, or self-care in my day. Sometimes, that means getting up earlier than I would like, but it will serve me if I make the sacrifice. I don’t let this “slide”. If I don’t take care of me, there’s no way I can do anything else to my best ability. 

Rumor has it you led a workout that JLo attended… do tell! 

Amy Lescher at TruFusion with Alex Rodriguez

ARod came to town two years ago for baseball and attended my Barefoot Bootcamp at TruFusion STL.  We instantly became friends. He complimented my instructing and wanted me to come to the TruFusion Miami studio (he is a partial owner) and teach a class for JLo.  I was over the moon to have Alex Rodriquez in my class, being an avid Cardinals fan since I could walk. So you can imagine my enthusiasm, excitement, and desire to teach JLO.

I stayed in contact with Alex.  Two weeks after he was in St. Louis, I was on a plane to Miami.  I arrived on a Monday, got to go to Alex’s house, be in on some meetings, and set a game plan.  JLO was coming back late Tuesday.  Her class, “Dirty Dinero Bootcamp”, would be Wednesday.   She had just dropped “Dinero” the week prior, so there was a push to promote the song.  JLO money was printed, people lined up hours prior, we had a live DJ and legit paparazzi. She was kind, gracious, and just as gorgeous in person. It’s a memory I won’t forget.  

Alex still visits the studio during baseball season. He is kind, big-hearted, and upfront…which is why I like him! 

Amy Lescher at TruFusion with JLoTell us about your involvement with the fitness scene in STL! Where can moms start if they’re interested? 

I’ve been in the fitness scene in STL since college. If you want to get started, decide if you want group fitness or individual training.  Then, find something that speaks to you. I obviously recommend TruFusion STL as we welcome and cater to every person, every level, and have a wide variety of classes to choose from.  If you want the individual route, I’d be happy to talk to you about your needs, wants, and background to either train you myself or refer you to one of the many capable trainers I know. 

Favorite STL spots for mom’s nights, date nights, family time, SHOPPING, and self-care?

Mom’s nights:  anywhere with friends and wine

Date Nights:  Champagne and dinner at the newest restaurant in town (weekly event)

Family Time: Katies Pizza and Pasta

Shopping: Oh, the list is endless…I LOVE to shop.  

Favorite STL specialty?

Sports: Cardinal Baseball

Place: Forest Park

Attraction: St. Louis Zoo

Food: Gus’ Pretzels and Ted Drewes

What are your dreams for the next five years?

Honestly, I only look 18 – 24 months ahead. I’m living in my purpose every day. It is constantly being evaluated, reformed, and recommitted.  I commit 100% to each day. That said, I am happy, healthy, and exactly where I’m supposed to be. Amy Lescher, fitness guru

Tell us about your current stage of motherhood.

I have a big age gap (17 and 9), so it’s challenging to find family activities that appeal to us all. Believe it or not, there are still sibling fights as if they are 1-2 years apart. The easiest part now is that my youngest is at an age where she is self-sufficient. I don’t have to watch or play with her constantly, therefore, I can get more done. A challenge right now is having a junior. I feel like I’m on borrowed time.  I can’t get enough time with her, although she thinks I get plenty.  Lastly, I think my greatest challenge will always be questioning if I’m doing a good job and doing enough. I have to remind myself that I am, but when it comes to kiddos, you pour your soul into the work, and you sometimes don’t see the outcomes right away. 

What advice would you give your fellow moms? 

You’re amazing, you’re doing a hell of a job, and you are your child’s hero, whether you realize it or not.  Too often, we compare ourselves to other moms and feel we fall short. Give yourself the credit you deserve…Lord knows, no one else will do it for you.

Any tips for home workout routines? 

We’re all stuck at home right now.  My first piece of fitness advice is to find something you enjoy that gets you moving.  Most people think you have to have a structured “routine”, or it has to be hard, but you just need to move and get your heart-rate up.  Secondly, you can find free classes on my YouTube page or TruFusion STL YouTube as well.  


Amy Lescher, fitness guru, poses outside, bent at the waist with her arms spread out

Amy Lescher was born and raised in St. Louis.  She loves sharing her expertise of the fitness and wellness industry. She has over two decades of experience, and has studied, trialed, and tried everything from Jane Fonda to Peloton. Her passion lies in helping others find their best self.  Amy is a nurse, a mom to two beautiful girls, a wife, and a dog mom to two French Bulldogs. Some of her favorite things outside of health and fitness are travel, fashion/shopping, and binge watching Netflix. You can find her keeping the promise that she made to herself two years ago, to travel every other month. Travel makes her feel free, helps her connect to culture and human beings, and keeps her open minded.