You Mean They’re Not the Same?


I recently had two fairly significant events in my life occur at the same time: helping my mom move and my son was cutting a molar. Both of these things caused pain in our family: our ears hurt from my son’s pain-induced screaming, and I learned that back spasms feel like you’re dying. The smallest things can cause so much pain. Not all similar experiences turn out the same. I’ve moved stuff plenty of times and never had back problems. My daughter has a full mouth of teeth and she never had a tough time with them.

Our kids are so different and its easy to think, “Oh, I’ve done this before, I got this. My first tiny human made it to age four, so will the next one.” Apparently that’s not how it goes. Somehow, even though your children may have come from the same mother and father, they can be completely different. WHAT THE HECK? Forget the fact that I know my sister and I are different. I still feel like I’m being punk’d. Going from a girl to a boy in the diaper changing department is like teaching an old dog new tricks. What’s with all this equipment? One kid likes milk, the other doesn’t. One kid is super tiny on the growth charts, like 9th percentile, and the other is in the 65th. One kid likes mac and cheese and the other doesn’t care for it. The fact that one of my children does not like Mac and Cheese makes me feel cheated and as if I’m being tested by the Lord. That is one meal that is relied on heavily in my house. But seriously, these kids need to align their tastes.

Do we want to create an army of clones? Of course not. We want them to be beautifully different human beings. We want them to flourish in their own ways, have their own likes and dislikes, and give to the world with their own particular gifts and talents. There are families that produce crane operators, nurses, and teachers. There are households of pastors, teachers and social workers. Everyone contributes to society in their own special way, and for that I am thankful. It would really help out mom, though, if everyone would agree that Mac and Cheese is delicious.

So here’s to you mama. Keep doing your best to cater to everyone’s needs and tastes. Someday that little army of yours may change the world.


  1. Zach is not old enough for this trick, but after age 6, have him stand and put all the ingredients with you at the stove. It will be his creation….make a big deal out of him being the “chef” that meal. He will want everyone to enjoy the creation & he will eat it happily. This works for spaghetti sauce and also soucatash (all fresh veggies, ground beef, and tomatoes & sometimes a bit of rice). Hope that tooth comes in soon❣️ My boys forever loved the dishes they made from then on.

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