May the Fourth Be with You


May the fourth be with you. Such a fun play on words for the typical Star Wars universe saying, “May the force be with you,” which is used to wish someone goodwill or good luck. The appropriate response is, “And also with you,” or “May the force be with us all.”


For the last ten years, people have recognized May the 4th as Star Wars Day. And as a bonus, May 5th is called Revenge of the Fifth after Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. Feel free to continue your Stars Wars celebrations and embrace the dark side on the 5th. 


Star Wars has a special place in my heart. The first movie I went to see with my now-husband was Episode I. I had never seen any Star Wars movies prior to that. I asked Patrick if it mattered, and he said no. So I met Anakin before I knew Vader. 


My kids love Star Wars, too. Whether it be dressing up, eating snacks, or watching the movies, they’re into it.



Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day


If you’re looking to add some Star Wars to your day, try one of these ideas. 


Choose from this collection of Star Wars math activities. You’ll find ideas for simple counting and number recognition, addition and subtraction, shapes, fractions, measuring, coordinate planes, learning how to draw R2-D2, and more. My favorite activity is probably the Star Wars Galaxy. Use math to make a scale model of the planets in Star Wars.


Try these Star Wars themed STEAM challenges. Print out the challenge cards. Then have a go at filming a Star Wars stop-action movie (you have Star Wars toys, don’t you?) or build BB-8 out of play dough. There are a lot of great ideas to test out.


Make Yoda-inspired pistachio and chocolate-covered Rice Krispies treats. This recipe is super easy. Just cover your Rice Krispies treats shaped like Yoda with melted chocolate and sprinkle on crushed pistachios.


Or make blue macarons for Grogu (baby Yoda). This recipe is a little more time-intensive. Use your favorite macaron recipe and dye everything blue.


a Star Wars stuffed toy next to a plate of blue macarons in honor of May the Fourth


Watch a Star Wars movie or TV show. There are so many to choose from now. I’m not sure you can watch them all in one day. The Bad Batch premieres on May 4th. It’s an original animated series about a group of clone troopers who don’t do things the conventional way.


Are you and your family into Star Wars? What is your favorite thing to do?