Making Life Easy with Local Company, Mother Load Bags


In the very beginning  of my extensive baby product research, I stumbled upon Mother Load Bags, an incredible product that made organizing the diaper bag, road trip bag or pool bag much easier.  The company was founded by St. Louis mom, Zara Merbaum, who wanted an easier way to keep her handbags functional and organized as a mom. Diaper bags aren’t always the most attractive, so Zara designed this product so she could use her existing bags without having to sacrifice style.

Along with being a mom trying to keep order, Zara also has an extensive background in fashion and textile design. She had the knowledge to create an attractive and eco-friendly bag. Thanks to this brilliant design, you will never need to use another plastic baggy again! I have been a long-time supporter of this company and product because it has truly made a difference in my day-to-day routine.

Ok, so what are these magical bags and why do you need them?



The Mother Load Collection is a set of 5 color-coded bags designed for specific use.

  1. Diaper Bag- Included Changing Pad
  2. Clean Clothes Bag
  3. Wet Bag Bag
  4. Snack Bag
  5. Toy Bag

All of these bags, minus the wet bag, have a mesh side that allows you to stuff them as full as you need to. I can squeeze more than 6 diapers, wipes and stink sacks in to the diaper bag!





Favorite Features:

  • Stretchy, mesh sides for ample space
  • Color-coded for husbands, grandparents, teachers, etc. 
  • Washable & Quick Drying
  • Can buy individually to build a larger collection

If you already have a diaper bag with excellent compartments, you will still find infinite joy in using these bags. Every summer I use a set in our pool bag. I can keep extra suits, dry clothes, pool toys, snacks, swim diapers and I keep an extra wet bag to store sunscreen. When it’s not summer, these bags are so helpful for overnights or road trips. You can pack enough for just a day or two and avoid having to dig through a black hole in the car to find what you need.


I hope you love this local business as much as I do! Happy organizing!

Be sure to check out the Facebook LIVE Zara did with St. Louis Moms Blog to show off her beautiful products!

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Katie Marischen
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