Ideas for Spooktacular Halloween Costumes


My birthday is the day before Halloween and while I love to decorate and dress up, I’m kind of a scaredy cat.  Last year my one year old was a cute little Elmo!  We went to Boo at the Zoo no trick or treat for us!  This year we are going back and forth between a little Yoda or Cat Boy from PJ Masks.  He loved PJ Masks this summer, now not so much.  I sort of feel like while he’s too young to decide, so we as parents should get to pick whatever we want!

Here are some fun choices for you:

Girl, when you’ve got that big ol’ belly you want to dress it up right?  I unfortunately wasn’t pregnant during Halloween.  My hope is next time I will be! Get your Hubster or your Wifester involved! Here’s some of my favorites:
The Milkman and the 50’s Housewife: seriously my favorite.
Juno and Paulie Bleeker: “He is the cheese to my macaroni”
Pooh Bear: A cute yellow maternity skirt, red top, and some bear ears!
Thing 1 and Thing 2: Momma you’re Thing 1 and your bump is 2!  Easy red dress, blue leggings, (ask for helping pullin those suckers on) and a blue wig!
8 Ball: Black dress, black leggings, white all around your belly and the number 8! Super cute, classy, and sweet.

Baby Burrito: I love Mexican food!
Pumpkin: The easy one most moms think of.
Wolf: Pinterest shows one where you wear them in the carrier and Momma is Little Red Riding Hood. 
Mandrake: Hello Harry Potter fans!  A cute beanie with some fake leaves hot glued to the top, a pot, print out the mandrake sign.  Boom, adorbs.
Penguin:  I am an animal lover so your baby can be any cute little animal.  I also saw a little skunk… so stinkin’ cute.

Any of the Disney characters: Mickey to Elsa…
Old Ladies and Gents: I love seeing little toddlers dressed up like old people.  The cutest!  How do they make the baby walker though?  Better get crafty
Old horror movie ideas: A little Chucky?  Georgie with his balloon?  Sweet little Regan in her nightgown?  You could go overboard in this area!
Cousin Eddie: Christmas Vacation… a cute Moose hat, robe… “shi****’s full!” 
Jake from State Farm: Mom, SO EASY!  Red shirt, Khaki’s, name tag!
Elliot and Gertie: O. MY. GOSH. Sam has two little girlfriends in his life that we will definitely be trying this with.
Little Pugsly and Wednesday: Easy choice… but the absolute cutest

Kiddos: 5-10
Miguel from Coco: “Remember me, though I have to say goodbye…” cue the cuteness
EVERY. PRINCESS. EVER: Mommas, you already know this.  What about Princess Leia?
Women and men from history: I love seeing cute Amelia Earhardt’s and Abe Lincoln’s.  I once went as Jackie Kennedy… I may have had a slight obsession with everything 60’s in my awkward tweens.
The Sanderson Sisters: Amuck, amuck, amuck!  Get your kiddo’s gal pals together and do this!  Heck get your girlfriends together and do this.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Momma you be April and have Hubs be Splinter!  Family costumes rock.
Circus Crew: If you can handle the clowns, I cannot… dress your kiddo up as a circus performer!  You guys can even get in on it too if you really want.  Many parents think this is adorable… I am not a fan … too creepy for me.
The Grinch and Cindy Lou: Yes, yes, yes!!!! Look up how to do that Cindy Lou hair… it’s amazing.

Momma and Daddy go to their Halloween Party: 

Remember before kids how you used to go to the Halloween parties with friends?  Beer pong and sexy cat costumes in every corner.  Welp, now that you’re parents you may not be going to those friend Halloween parties but if you do… here’s some ideas.
Velma and Shaggy: Easy, cute, kinda sexy.
Luigi and Princess Daisy/Mario and Princess Peach: So cute!
Forrest and Jenny: Bring some chocolate, your friends will thank you!
Jim and Pam: Relationship goals… this is so easy.  Go watch the Halloween episode… cute!
Beetlejuice and Lydia: So much face makeup, but it’s worth it!
Jack and Wendy Torrance: Scary and cute.

Have fun this Halloween, don’t eat all the candy!  Post all those great costume pics!


Melissa Bradley is a momma to one 2 year old boy, wife, special education teacher, lover of all things joyful and mama to one cat.