Hour by Hour: A Peek at the Day of a Stay-At-Home Mom


Starting the Day

6:50 AM Alarm goes off. Snooze. Alarm. Snooze.

7:30 AM I better get up now. I get clothes for my 4-year-old who has a field trip today. I instruct her to wear her rain boots because there may be mud at the apple orchard. She questions my sage advice but follows through. I get the baby up, dressed and a bag ready for my friend who is going to watch him while I go on the field trip. Her name is Tina, she saves my life by caring for my children on a regular basis out of the goodness of her heart.

7:50 Drop baby off with Tina. Transfer car seat into Tina’s car. Put car seat for another boy who is riding with me to the field trip in my van. Break a sweat in low 60 degree weather and really think about how I could make a fitness program designed around moving car seats in, out and around vehicles.

8:10 We are on the road to the field trip. I realize that I don’t know the way and call a friend to text me the address. I pull over and safely pull it up on Google Maps.

8:40 We arrive at the apple orchard.

9:00 AM: Maze with kids. Get a text from Sonic telling me about 50 cent corn dogs all day and realize that I forgot a sack lunch for myself and child, and the boy I have with me doesn’t have one either. Start to think about where we can stop for lunch. Becomes hungry for the next hour and a half.

9:30 Pick apples with kids, take pictures, watch them play games.

10:45 Leave Orchard.

Lunchtime and Errands

11:10 Pick up McDonald’s for myself and children. Line was so long and slow, I think to myself that I really should have downloaded the app and ordered ahead.

11:30 Drop off other student.

11:45 Pick up the baby from Tina and make our way to town.

12:45 Arrive at Sam’s Club. I only have one hour. Ugh. This will be tight. I love Sam’s. Text husband for headcount for party on Sunday. Get chicken, necessities and non-necessities (because its Sam’s, they have everything). Walk to car. Somewhat lose my cool with the kids because they are fighting and screaming while I put everything in the trunk.

1:45 Arrive at Dentist. Take daughter to restroom, go to change my son and realize the diapers are in the van. I’ll change him when we’re done. They’re quick at this office.

2:10 Cleaning begins on my daughter, they ask to clean my son’s teeth. He has a poopy diaper and the diapers are in the car. Had to explain to the hygienist that my kid is smelly and I promise I am going to change him.

3:00 Head to Michael’s Craft Store and then head home. Think about how hot it is. Putting kids in car seats should count as a workout.

4:00 Get home.

Evening Activities

4:45 Leave to attend High School Volleyball Game, tell my daughter that if she waits to eat dinner instead of get concessions I will get her ice cream at Dairy Queen. Bribery at its best.

5:45 Go to Dairy Queen for dinner.

6:30 Get home, give baths to kids.

8:00 Put kids to bed.

9:00 Work on projects for an upcoming craft fair.

11:00 Go to bed and stare at my phone until I fall asleep.