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As moms, we can be our own worst critic when it comes to how we treat ourselves.  Let’s be honest, we teach our children to be kind to each other and to themselves.  We teach them to be positive, take care of their bodies and minds.  Since when did we stop caring for ourselves?  It’s so easy to focus on others and put ourselves last, but what good does that do?  By neglecting ourselves, we aren’t able to show up as our best for others.  It’s time to take care of  YOU!  Whether it’s getting back into those pre-baby clothes, taking better care of  yourself or just to take some time for you again….it’s time. Let’s break down some simple ways that you can have fun, get healthy and involve the whole family too!


1. Nutrition

Being mindful of what you are putting in your body is so important.  Healthy eating does NOT have to be boring, restrictive and it definitely shouldn’t keep you from enjoying life!  It’s important to find balance in your daily diet and focus on making small changes.  Be sure to drink lots of water.  Cook more meals at home.  Involve your family by making a healthy meal together!  I love getting my son involved by giving him fun tasks so he feels like he is part of the process.  Plus, you would be surprised how much fun the kiddos have with good old fashioned pots, pans and measuring cups. When you go out to eat, be mindful of what you are ordering.  Order an appetizer for your meal, split an entree with someone, order dressings on the side, hold the butter, swap out a side salad for french fries…the list goes on and on.  Speak up and ask for substitutions.  If it helps you to track you macros, your caloric intake and to be more aware of your mindless eating, I would suggest downloading an app like My Fitness Pal.  You can request to buddy up with friends to keep you on track, input your goals and track your progress.  Most people are surprised to discover how many calories they are eating a day and how many of the foods they are eating aren’t necessarily as healthy as they might believe.  Find a lifestyle that works for you!

2.  Exercise

Exercise is great for the body and mind.  It helps relieve stress and is an immediate mood booster.  I suggest finding a workout buddy, even if it isn’t someone you meet up with in person.  Accountability is key.  You might cancel on yourself every time, but if you know you have to check in with a friend every day, it might give you the motivation you need to actually do it.  Find a workout that you ENJOY.  Most fitness centers and gyms offer free trial memberships.  Take a few classes to get a feel for what it’s like.  If you do something you love, you’ll look forward to it.  If you can’t go to a gym, you can workout at home!  Kayla Itsines has a great app and workout from home guide.  Going outside to play with the kiddos or taking a walk in the neighborhood is free!  I personally thrive on deadlines and goals, so if I sign up for a 5K or race, it gives me motivation to workout leading up to that point.  A few of my favorite workouts are Fit4Mom (I coordinate and coach their run club!), Burn Bootcamp, Barre3, Valley Yoga and running outside with a group of friends! 

3.  Get Started

You have to decide to start.  Stop waiting for a special occasion to take care of yourself.  Quit making excuses as to why you can’t take 30 minutes a day for yourself.  Find an accountability group.  I host ongoing free 30 day challenges on Facebook to keep people accountable, plugged in to a positive community and to help share tips.  If you find me on Facebook, I would be happy to add you to my challenge group so you can participate!  Keep track of your workouts and how you feel.  When you look back at the progress you’ve made, you’ll be motivated to keep going.  Get your family involved!  Play outside together, sign up for a 5K and bring the stroller, put up a chart to track your progress and have the kiddos place the stickers when you complete a workout!  Make it fun!

Be the best version of yourself not just for your family, but for you.  You’ve got this Momma!


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Courtney and her husband Matt were born and raised in St. Louis. Courtney stays home with their little boy, Noah and is a certified run coach and trainer. She found her passion in health and fitness through her own journey to better health, losing 50 pounds with good old fashioned diet and exercise. She has ten years of experience coaching run groups with Fleet Feet, Fit4Mom and she now coaches her own local Run Club here in St. Louis. A former 'couch potato’ to marathoner, she even ran a half marathon during each trimester of her pregnancy. Besides running, she loves early morning workouts at Burn Bootcamp, traveling, running around town in her workout clothes and baseball cap, spending time with her family and relaxing with a glass of wine! She’s all about having fun, laughing, spreading positivity, meeting new people and motivating others to live their happiest, healthiest life. She is thrilled to be a part of the STL Moms Blog team and can’t wait to share her health and fitness tips with you!