Get yourself a Lady Cave


I feel like our family is finally in a rhythm with two kids. As I’ve been “tidying-up” by cleaning out drawers, folding clothes into lovely squares and thanking items that are no longer needed, I am now thinking about the function of our home and its purpose for us all. Although we’re in a rhythm, I’m still figuring out how to balance a full time job, spend time with my family and friends, keep the house clean and give enough time to both my husband and myself. I have a LONG way to go and may never figure it all out, but recently I realized that in our home, I don’t have a place of my own to do so.

I was doing laundry in our basement last month and realized that behind the furnace is about 100 sq. ft of basement that is unfinished, unused and has three small windows that give it natural light. It’s perfect. Our 1500 sq.ft. house is big enough for 4 of us, but being an introvert, I need somewhere that belongs to me. Call it what you want: a “She-Shed”, “Babe Cave”, “Lady Cave”, but it’s mine!

I’m not sure exactly what I will do in this space, but I see it as a place where I will go to meditate, work on a craft or sewing project, do some stretching or yoga, read, blog or just sit down for a time-out with a glass of wine. It’s feeling really good to call something my own again and I feel like the process of putting the room together, in itself, has been cathartic. (Aha! I think that this is the Self-Care thing everyone always talks about!) It’s forced me to think about what I enjoy doing and what my interests are outside of my career and family.

Now, this won’t be a Pinterest-perfect remodel with soft lighting and lacy pink pillows on a tufted sofa. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Probably more like a thrifted table, foam flooring with a rug over it and a fluorescent overhead light. As I (slowly) transform the space, I’m hoping to get to know the creative side of myself again – I know she’s in there.

I know that not everyone has the luxury to be able to create space in their home for themselves, but try to find something! It could be a corner for a yoga mat, a reading nook, a crafting cart or closet. We hear it all the time, but we have to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others – finding the physical space to do so is setting an intention and a visual reminder that you have a right to stake your claim!

Realistically though, if anyone knows how to keep everyone else out of this Lady Cave, please let me know. Right now, my best idea is to barricade myself in the room by piling all of the laundry against the outside of the door – any other ideas?

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Jennedy L
Jennedy grew up in West County, attended Mizzou and now works as a full-time School Counselor. At home, her life moves along at quick pace to a lovely soundtrack of music provided by her husband, Kyle, who is a classical musician and two young sons. When time allows, Jennedy loves a project- whether it be tiling a bathroom, decorating, gardening, meal planning, learning to sew or finding new and efficient ways to manage her household. Although there are some major life-changes coming with a new addition, Jennedy is hoping to figure out the magic formula of work, life and self-care balance. She’ll be sure to blog it right here when she does.


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