Fostering the Love


We are created in different hues, the beauty of which often goes unseen. For foster families, fostering love, and not hate, magnifies the richness of the blessing.




a caucasian girl holding on to her African American baby brother, reminding us that love is color blind


They placed the baby in my arms and told me I should pray

He was weak, and he was small, it could go either way

He clutched my finger and settled in; he gave me a sweet smile

I quietly sang a lullaby and rocked him for a while

He locked his gaze right on to me, his eyes the darkest brown

He didn’t blink, he didn’t move, he never made a sound

I took in all his features, his tiny hands and feet

His button nose, his skinny legs, his rosebud lips so sweet

I whispered in his little ears; I promised he would be safe

I said I would help him through this, he just needed to have faith

His heart was beating in his chest and I held him close to mine

Somehow in that moment, I just knew we would be fine

I wrapped him up and took him home, and he quickly won my heart

All he needed was a little time and lots of love to give him his new start

I saw the way he looked at me and knew he felt my love

I knew that we were meant to be, it was sanctioned from above

I never saw his color, that’s not to say I didn’t know

His skin is the deepest, darkest brown, his black hair curled just so

I saw the strength he had within him, how determined he could be

His endearing smile, his love of life, that’s what I could see

I saw his love of music and his passion for things with wheels

I saw how he cared for people and the way he made them feel

I know that we are different in ways we don’t have to explain

But when I look at this sweet child, I see how we’re the same

I believe that G-d above created every man

in all the different colors according to His plan

So how can we, His children, decide who is better than the rest

If we go by race alone then we have surely failed this test

So, I’ll love this child He gave me, I’ll help him find where he belongs

And one day those who hated will learn that they were wrong