Fluent in the Language of Love Despite a Language Barrier


LOVE written in white paint with a red heart on a wooden fenceI recently took the 5 Love Languages assessment, and to be honest, it didn’t work. The test had me pegged as a Words of Affirmation type, closely followed by one who falls into the Physical Touch category. However, I do love spending Quality Time with the one I love, and very much appreciate when my husband notices that I’m stretched thin and jumps in with an Act of Service or two. But then there are Gifts … who doesn’t like gifts?!?

Strangely, every time I take the test, my love languages shift.  I guess it depends on my mood when I’m taking the test, but I very much want to be up on a pedestal, worshipped, adored, and desired by the man in my life. I am all five Love Languages in one needy package.

The man in my life, as far as I can tell, doesn’t HAVE a love language.  Granted, he’d never sit down to take the test in the first place. But when choosing my answers, I tried to imagine how he would reply. Mr. Self-Sufficient would choose C: none of the above.  Words of affirmation? He doesn’t need to hear any; confidence flows through his veins.  Physical touch? Sure, he enjoys it but he doesn’t need it, and certainly has no interest in slowing his steps so that I can catch up and hold his hand. Gifts?  This guy doesn’t even believe in birthdays, except for the actual day of birth. Acts of service?  They’re a nice thought, but he can do things better and faster on his own. And Quality Time?  Ehhh… he juggles a dozen things at any given moment, so while he has no issue pausing to spend time with me, his happiness doesn’t hinge upon it.

Apparently, I am multilingual in the language of love, while my husband has zero need to be fluent in any of the love languages … but he will converse in whichever one I seem to be craving at the moment.


And if that’s not love …

I don’t know what is.man smiling as he reaches back to hold a woman's hand as they walk down the street