Finding the Good in 2020: Refocusing Your Perspective


This year has carried so much hardship. Finding the good in 2020 helps refocus your mindset toward the beauty in the world.


The year 2020 has been something. There have been a lot of challenges. We lost many famous icons this year, including Kobe Bryant and Regis Philbin. I mean, come on, Regis was a national treasure! We also lost a St. Louis icon, Lou Brock. It’s also an election year, which is crazy enough without anything else happening. We have had natural disasters, riots, and, oh yeah, a global pandemic. A global pandemic that shut down stores and restaurants. I love to shop, and I can’t eat inside my local Chili’s. Mama needs those bottomless chips! A global pandemic that shut down schools and forced us to HOMESCHOOL OUR CHILDREN. I don’t know about you, but my child’s teacher does a far better job than me. Plus, there is a reason that kids go to school; absence makes the heart grow fonder. A global pandemic kept us quarantined from friends and family. It separated us from the village that supports us as moms. It has been rough.


All that to say, there has been some good this year. Two of my mom friends had baby girls recently. My youngest just turned one year old! Countless couples have gotten married, despite altering their plans. People have become parents for the first time. People have bought houses. They have acquired their dream jobs. People have stepped up to help others in need. 


A couple of weeks ago, I had severe stomach pains putting me in the ER in the middle of the night. One of my friends came and slept on my couch so that my husband could take me in. It ended up that I had acute appendicitis, and my appendix needed to come out. For the rest of the week, our community stepped up and watched my kids, brought so much food, and just took care of my family and me when we needed it. As I told a friend, “I have never felt so loved in my life.” Yeah, spending the night in the ER doubled over in pain and having surgery wasn’t great. However, the love shown to us, that was beautiful. This all happened in this crazy year, 2020.

a small heart shaped tree growing out of a mound of dirt with the sun shining brightly in the distance

So while things look bleak in the world right now, what has been good for you in 2020?