Find Your Thing


When people used to ask me what my hobbies were…I would say, “well, I am married and have the cutest kids ever…and that takes up so much of my time!” After answering that, I used to overthink if someone judged me for not really having my own “thing” (or hobbies if you will).

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Don’t get me wrong, marriage is work, kids are A LOT of work, and a full time job…well…that’s work in every sense of the word. Mommin’ ain’t easy and sometimes we as moms feel like we have to “have it all” (or at least appear to have it all).

Searching for “My Thing”

As I reflected on this ever-so-frequent question that I was being asked, I decided that it was time to figure out what my “thing” was outside of my everyday routine of life. I also reflected on being in my mid 30’s (gasp…when did that happen?!) and my energetic boys that constantly want me to pick them up, play ninja turtles with them (I’m Donatello because they are convinced that I can only be the purple one….no one wants to be Donny!), and generally just being on the go.

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Insert <operation Jessie needs to start working out again> in August of 2018. Not only for the fact that it’s just good to be active, but due to the fact that my boys need me and I want to be able to do ALL of the things with them for as long as I am able! Working out was going to be my “thing.” I was determined.

I’ve been going to normal gyms for as long as I can remember. Let’s use the term “going” loosely. The problem was, I just couldn’t get motivated to motivate myself. It wasn’t fun, I didn’t want to pay a personal trainer for 1:1 training multiple times a week, and I did not want to make the drive.

Introducing Orangetheory

Then, I saw a couple of friends post about Orangetheory. I was convinced that it was a cult of super fit people that were obsessed with terrible/hard/expensive workouts. But…the first class was free, so I did it. And then I signed up for 8 classes a month because I fell in love FAST (this changed quickly to unlimited classes because I found myself addicted to the energy, excitement, and flexibility of the class schedule).

I’m not that girl. That girl that falls for these fad workouts. But this was different. This wasn’t a bunch of competitive people being bossed around by an intense trainer…this was a community of supportive individuals of all shapes, sizes, ages, and fitness levels. And contrary to what I believed going into the class, the trainers weren’t yelling in my face the entire time, they were informative, knowledgeable and overall helpful. THIS WAS MY NEW THING! My hobby. My “thing” that filled the void of having something just for me. Not the kids, not my husband, not my job, but my own thing.

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What It’s Really Like

Don’t let the words “High Intensity Interval Training” scare you. It’s an interval workout designed to push your heart rate up and down and ultimately burn a ton of cals. And guess what, if you aren’t a runner, no problem. I spent my first 6 months power walking and I was still able to achieve success in each class. Can’t lift heavy weights? No problemo. They have weights as light as 5 pounds and are happy to provide modifications when needed. Do you have an injury? True story, I sprained my ankle on vacation 2 months ago. The trainers worked with me and gave me ample modifications so I didn’t have to miss out on my classes!

Great timing for this article because…we are having a St. Louis Moms Blog Sip n’Sweat event at the Orangetheory studio in Rock Hill on Saturday, July 27 from 3-5pm! Come get a preview of an Orangetheory workout led by one of my favorite trainers (and fellow mom!) Coach Kim. After that, chat with other local moms while noshing on treats from Fit-Flavors and sip on juices and/or cocktails from The Juice Bar! Yes please!

Moral of the story: find your thing. The thing that gets you excited, makes you feel good/happy, and fills any void that you might have. You deserve to do things for you. And whether your thing is cooking, traveling, shopping, sewing, singing, working out, etc, you do you…make time for YOU…and be the best YOU that YOU can be. Because if mama aint happy, aint nobody happy!

Hope to see you at our upcoming event!