Finding The Perfect Easter Ham


Easter is upon us!

Psst! Easter is on Sunday April 21st this year, just in case the Easter Bunny needed a reminder. 😉 

Maybe the Easter Bunny has prepared the baskets and stuffed the eggs for hiding, but has he ordered your Easter ham?? We didn’t think so. 

What should I look for in a ham?

Like a Thanksgiving turkey, you’re probably not purchasing a whole ham regularly. So what should you look for when choosing the main dish of your Easter feast? 

We chatted with Missouri-owned meat-experts, Burgers’ Smokehouse, to get the lowdown on what to look for to find the best Easter ham. 

Brine- Choose a ham that has been marinating in a sweet brine that uses only high quality ingredients.  Many hams are no longer aged in brine, which will lack a full-bodied flavor that’s quintessential to the perfect ham.   

Smoking technique- After the ham is properly brined, look for a ham that is smoked, preferably slowly, over natural, hickory wood chips. 

Cut type- Hams come in a variety of different sizes and types so it’s easy to customize the best size and flavor for the group you’re feeding.  Everything from full or half hams, to half spiral or full spiral cut or everyone’s favorite, honey baked and glazed, can please any group. 

Cooking type- You can’t beat a fully cooked, smokey and sweet honey baked flavored ham. Fully cooked hams can either be served directly thawed from the fridge, or warmed in the oven for just an hour. #easybutton

For more information on ordering your Missouri grown, cured and smoked ham in time for Easter, head on over to our Facebook page to learn more about Burgers’ Smokehouse and ENTER TO WIN A FREE HAM!

This post is sponsored by Burgers' Smokehouse of California, Missouri.
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