Easter Crafts: Bunnies, Chicks, and Lambs, Oh My!


Enjoy making these adorable Easter crafts with your kids, to help celebrate at home!

chocolate easter bunny with jelly beans and colored eggs in a brown easter basket in the grassWhen we were first advised to consider social distancing sometime before Spring Break, a wise friend suggested we not forget that Easter was just over a month away. In addition to stocking up on toilet paper and chips, we might also want to grab some goodies for our Easter baskets, just in case. I ran out that night and stocked up on Peeps, Whoppers, Robin Eggs, and of course, Easter socks. 

We have now been social distancing for nearly three weeks, and Easter is only one week away. That friend was right; Easter will be confined to our home this year instead of celebrated with our friends at church and our families at mealtime. 

But while this year’s celebration will undoubtedly look and feel different, we are not going to let it be just another day. We decorated the house with all of our bunny, chick, and egg decor. We ordered Easter dresses even though we will have to watch Mass online. We will still buy a ham and dye eggs when it gets closer, wishing we could share it with all of the aunts and uncles and cousins we are used to. And the lamb cake my mom always makes, we will have to eat it all ourselves.

All of that preparation must have inspired my oldest daughter because when I walked by her workspace this morning, she told me that she’d “created a Keynote with a bunch of crafts we can do for Easter this year.”

Yes, friends, while many children (my youngest included) were whining about all of the school work they have to do on their own, she’d created an entire Keynote presentation with Easter crafts, complete with links and her own modifications. So now I will share it with you. Maybe you won’t have the Reese’s Eggs, but you can still have the fun.

Read on for Rosie’s compilation of crafty ways to celebrate the season: 

Mom and daughter sitting on the floor of her room as they make crafts together

Peek-a-boo Clothespin Eggs

This fun project is just adorable. It is simple and entertaining, and it only requires three materials. 

Rosie’s Note: You don’t even have to have glittery foam sheets; you can use normal paper, and it will still be fun. 

Mom’s Note: I thought this would just be for the smallest kids, but my 10-year-old liked it, so there’s one more thing that I don’t understand as a mom. 

Q-Tip Lamb

These are cute Easter crafts that can be used as decoration or as farm pets for your child’s dolls. After social distancing, you can use them as place card holders, too!

Rosie’s Note: You can add your own spin on this by changing the bow to a different accessory!

Mom’s Note:  Don’t have clothespins at home?  Just pretend the lamb is lying down!

Chick Sewing

Using a paper plate, a hole punch, and yellow yarn, your little one can “sew” a chick for Easter. You can use felt or regular paper for the wings, eyes, and beak. Great for fine motor skill work, too!

Rosie’s Note: You could turn this into string art using paper plates and push pins!

Mom’s Note: Notice that the original shape is an egg. If your yarn is not yellow, just pretend you’re sewing dyed Easter eggs! You are a genius. 

kids craft supplies scattered on a tabletop


Bunny Jar Slime

It’s like regular slime, but with ears! Cute slime! It’s finally a craft to use all of those mason jars we all have in a cabinet somewhere. With a few pipe cleaners, felt, and googly eyes, you can make a bunny jar to hold your slime (recipe included). 

Rosie’s Note: Instead of filling them with slime, you can just paint the inside of the jars, and they will be just as cute. 

Mom’s Note: We will be filling the jars with anything but slime. Literally, anything else. 

Sock Bunnies

This timeless craft is really cute. Better yet, it requires materials you already have at home-unmatched socks and rice! Use them to decorate around the house or give as gifts in years to come. 

Rosie’s Note: You could fill this with pillow stuffing if you want to make it less messy and more like a stuffed animal. 

Mom’s Note: It’s ok if your bunny’s backside has the Adidas logo or if his face is covered by Buzz Lightyear. All bunnies are beautiful.

colorful paint splattered on a white background


Paint Filled Egg Art

This splatter paint project is messy but fun for kids. Use cleaned-out eggshells that have been filled with paint and throw them at a canvas for springtime fun!

Rosie’s Note: You could just use cardboard if you don’t have a canvas, or paint over an old canvas you have. 

Mom’s Note: This seems like a terrible idea. That’s why kids will love it.

And friends, if your supplies are low, Michael’s is doing curbside pickup right now, so go get your glitter foam sheets, clothespins, glue, and googly eyes, so you can still have a super-cute, super-special Easter!