Dear Mom, You are Enough: A Letter From Your Child


As moms, we are often our own worst critics. But do our children view us this way? “Flip the switch” for a front-row view from your child’s perspective.

Dear Mom:

Today, I want you to know just how special you are to me. You don’t have to do anything extraordinary; you are my mom, and I love you just as you are. 

a mom with dark hair and glasses peering at herself in the mirror who needs to be reminded that she is enough

You look at your reflection in the mirror and only see imperfections.

I look at you every single day and see your beautiful, loving face smiling down at me. Your body is strong and resilient, and you give the absolute best hugs. You are enough.

You look at your phone and come back to the real world feeling empty and inadequate when you think you don’t measure up to someone else’s standards.

I look at you as the biggest highlight reel in my life; no one compares to you. If only you could see yourself through my eyes. You are the standard, Mom. You are enough.

You think you should be doing more to be a better mom.

I think you forget how much you do for me! It’s the little things every day that make the biggest difference. You are enough.

You judge yourself based on your “likes” or achievements.

I think the way you make me feel loved and cherished every day says much more about you than posts liked by strangers. If I could love your pictures and posts a thousand times, I would. I *heart* you times a million. You are enough.

I see you, Mom. You may not be aware of it, and I might not always be able to tell you, but I see you.

I see you waking up throughout the night to feed me or make sure I’m ok. 

You are the one I want to snuggle with in the middle of the night. Your presence is the air I breathe.

I see you being the last one to eat while you are making sure everyone else is taken care of.

You are always putting my needs first. I hope you know it’s ok to do something for yourself, too.

I see you when you’re the first one to wake and the last one to sleep, when you’re utterly exhausted from the day and still muster up the energy to read “just one more” bedtime story. 

That quality time is imprinted on my heart. Thanks for always going the extra mile.

I see you when you feel alone. I know you miss your friends and feel overwhelmed by the changes in our world.

I miss my friends, too. But I’m so glad I have you! I’m here for you, Mom. You are my “normal” when things around me feel scary and uncertain.

I see the way you work so hard to provide for me. You always seem to get everything done, and you don’t complain. 

I never have to worry about anything: you are my rock. I want to be like you someday.

I see you. I love you. Mom, you are enough. 

Guess what, Mom? In case you didn’t already know, I’m your biggest fan! It doesn’t matter to me what you look like, how successful you are, what struggles you are going through, what other moms are doing … all I know is that you are always there for me. When I’m hurt or upset, you’re the first to come running, and the only one I want to comfort me. When I’m excited, your eyes light up right along with mine; you make everything more fun. When I’m scared or confused, you encourage me. And those days that are just … normal? Those happen to be my favorite! You see – even in the mundane – you are my world.

So, the next time you look in the mirror …

I hope you see the beautiful, loving, selfless, nurturing, strong person that you are! Next time you go to the mirror, take me with you. I’ll stand right beside you. Instead of looking straight ahead, focus on the adoration reflected in my eyes as I look up at you – my mom. I see you. Through my eyes, you are more beautiful than anyone or anything.


Mom, I love you. I see you. You are more than enough.


  1. This is so honest and beautifully written! It tugs at the heart strings of every mama as we all need to hear (and believe!) we are enough! Thank you for sharing this beautiful message, Kristi!

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