Dear Medical Professional Mom


Dear Medical Professional Mom,

You are nurse practitioners, nurses, radiology technicians and doctors. This last month I’ve seen you more than I wanted to see you. My sweet newborn boy decided he wanted to visit you several times. He came in for an ultrasound, MRI, chest x-ray, nasal scope, and an echo cardiogram.

During all of these things you worked to find the right diagnosis for my little boy. You did your best keeping a poker face when something could be wrong. You called me on your day off to tell me the results of a test. You told me things like “You were right to bring him in,” and “Don’t worry because I’m not worried yet.”

You saw the look on my face when you told me my son will have to eventually have surgery and said, “We’re going to take care of him, he’s going to be fine.” You were realistic and told me to get as much sleep as I could at night because you are a mom, too. You asked why my daughter saw a certain specialist and shared that your daughter has the same condition. At this point, we were just two moms talking about our kids.

You held my baby while he was in the hospital for observation so I slept for a couple of hours. Most importantly, you treated my child and you treated me. You handled me with kid gloves because you knew I needed it. You were gentle and smiled no matter what was going on with you.

Out of all of the things you have done for my family, the thing I appreciate the most was that you have your own kids at home, but you took time out of your busy day and love from your heart to care for my child and for me. You added us to your priority list. As a mom, I know it is hard to fit in one more second for my own kids, let alone someone else’s kids. You are superheroes, you are my superheroes. 

Thank you for everything,

A fellow mom.

This post was inspired by the first month of Katie’s son Max’s life. He had many medical tests and saw many specialists over the course of 3 weeks. The medical professionals that surrounded their family made all the difference.


  1. What a powerful post! When you are at your most vulnerable, to have those surrounding you be not only medical professionals but for them to also tend to your needs as a mom is the most powerful gift. Two of my four had issues as newborns, both requiring surgeries. I had never heard of their conditions, and the first time it happened, my husband was in San Francisco on business and I was racing to the hospital on my own to check my four-week old baby in for surgery. It was a terrifying time that I hardly registered because I was numb and flying on adrenaline. But I do know that the nurses and doctors who saw my blank stares and jumped in to educate me and assure me made all of the difference. I hope everything turned out well for you and your little one!

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