Dear Girl Dad, You Are Amazing


Hey, girl dad,


You’re killing it. Did you know that? Here you are raising the next generation of fearless women in a world that is far too often ugly and cruel. Here you are doing your best to empower them to be strong. Here you are being the best possible dad for them.


You are the first example of how they should be treated. You’re teaching them about respect and kindness. You’re teaching them about unconditional love and forgiveness. You’re teaching them that their strength is as precious as their minds and that their beauty is more than what they see in the mirror.


A dad at the base of a driveway, looking at his little girls who stand at the top of the drivewayYou sit at tea parties and sip air. You push pink tricycles and create beautiful chalk art in our driveway. You color Minnie Mouse coloring books and blow up princess pool floats. You indulge in family costumes even if it means you trick-or-treat with antlers and a nose with our little Elsa. You let me pick out family outfits for photos, and if they happen to involve colors completely out of your comfort zone, you wear them with a smile because you know our girls look adorable.


You love our oldest without end, and when her sister came along, you were just as proud to hold on to another tiny girl’s hand. You proudly carry them on your shoulders and even have them as your phone wallpaper so you can show them off to the world.

a dad in sunglasses holding his little girl in her swimsuit at a playground splash pad


You don’t care about carrying on our family name or teaching a son to catch a baseball. You love our girls more than you love yourself. You discipline them to teach them boundaries and respect. You kiss boo-boos and hold hands to teach them gentleness and empathy.


You rush home, and if you could see the excitement in their steps as they run to the door to jump into your arms, you would understand why I’m in awe of how amazing you are for our girls. You’re more than a girl dad, you’re an amazing dad, and I’m grateful that our daughters have you in their lives.