Dads of the Lou: Introducing Aaron Park of Arch Apparel


A blue, red, and yellow banner with the words Dads Of The Lou and a fleur de lis


Arch Apparel was created to fill a void, and build pride in St. Louis. Owner, Aaron Park, shares his story and vision with us.


1) Your accent tells us you’re not from STL – tell us where you were born?

Haha, that’s right! I was born in Melbourne, Australia, and first visited the USA in 2006 as an exchange student at Drury University in Springfield, MO. 

2) What has it been like to transition to life in America?

Fun! The USA is an amazing country. I really do love it here. I will always be from somewhere else; however, the USA has been my home for quite some time now.

3) Tell us about your family!

My wife of 6 years, Chelsea is the most amazing person I have ever met. Together we have one little boy, Bodhi, who turned 2 in April. 

4) Tell us about the moment you first met your son. What was that like?!

It’s a blur— it starts with a feeling of hope, making sure my wife and new baby boy are safe and healthy. Then a feeling of discovering the meaning of life sinks in, for me it was about one hour after he was born. 

5) OK, so we LOVE Arch Apparel. How did your company come to be?

Around four years ago, I was looking for a t-shirt that I felt represented me and my style that I could wear to a baseball game and then out afterward and still feel comfortable. I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so from that, Arch Apparel was born. 

6) Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Any unfulfilled dreams?

A LOT, we are just getting started. I feel like we are big dreamers, and our dreams for Arch Apparel are big! Personally, I can’t wait to see my son grow into a young boy and, with my wife, enjoy some more vacations. 

7) Any hidden talents or hobbies?

Like a lot of guys, I love projects! Over the Covid-19 time, I really got into gardening and the attention to detail it takes. 

8) What do you love most about STL? What do you absolutely loathe?

I love how large STL is becoming! I feel like from Lake St. Louis over into Illinois, people are associating STL as being ‘home’. I don’t really loathe too much, however, we have some cotton trees in our backyard that make the end of May unbearable.

9) What is the most surprising thing about fatherhood?

How you quickly become a teacher. Everything I do and say, Bodhi is soaking in. I try to be conscious of that a lot. 

10) What’s your personal passion or cause?

I’m passionate about using Arch Apparel as a platform to help highlight our communities within St. Louis. Our dreams are big; we want to be a brand that the people of St. Louis are proud to have representing them and their city.

Hi, I’m Aaron Park. Born in Melbourne, Australia, I first came to the United States in 2006 as an exchange student. Flash forward 14 years and I am extremely proud to call St. Louis my home. On a personal search to represent my new city with style and comfort, I found myself frustrated with the limited options, so I decided to make my own. Arch Apparel started in the basement of a house and has grown to become a city-wide staple for St. Louis Streetwear.
I enjoy my weekends with Bodhi and my wife and more recently have started becoming a gardener.


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